Health & Love

Understanding the relationship between wellbeing and affection

Health & Love
Vancouver couple Ken Wu and Luna Tsoi show sharing the load in a loving relationship can lead to better health. Photo: Jeff Chan

Love can be defined as the urge and continuous effort for the wellbeing and happiness of somebody. As such, love is not merely a feeling, but a skill or an art. The beautiful feelings arise not as the cause of loving but as its result.

The art of loving consists of maintaining a focus on love despite many distractions we experience each day. Because of the powerful lures of wealth, power, pleasure, popularity and more, we often find it difficult to prioritize love.

The relationship between health and love is complex. On one hand, sickness can be another distraction — keeping us from focusing on love. On the other hand, it also can raise awareness of our existence and allow us to recognize the distractions for what they are.

Deprivation of love is associated with unhappiness and greater risk of illness and even death. Extreme sadness or stress over lost love can cause heart failure — a serious condition called the “broken heart syndrome.” Conversely, research suggests being in a meaningful relationship is linked to longer life.

Love indeed is the key to a happy, healthy life, but we need to prioritize love in all aspects of our lives to fully enjoy its merits.


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