Food and Fitness Finds

Gear and products featured in the September/October 2019 Food & Fitness Issue.

Yummy Gummies

Boost your natural collagen production with these Vegan Collagen Boosters for adults. Sugar- and gluten-free, plus packed with Vitamin A and Lysine. Available at natural health, supplement and various drug stores.
$18 CAD |


Track Your Gear

Attach this product to your keys, phone, gym bag or anything else you’re likely to misplace. Download the app and it will show you where you left it. Available for purchase in singles or in 4-packs.
$40 CAD |

Tile App

Stretch in Style

Beautiful, functional and made with intention. These gorgeous yoga mats are eco-friendly, non-toxic, free from harmful BPA’s, phthalates and latex, including the ink for printing the design.
$78-98 USD |

Pink Buddha Life Mat

Real-Time Metrics

Revolutionize your swim training. FORM AR swim goggles feature a see-through display showing split times, distance, pace per 100 m, stroke count/rate, calories burned. See the metrics you need, while swimming!
$199 USD |

Form Goggles

Optimize Your Electrolytes

Nuun has revamped its flagship sport drink with a new product line called Sport. Upgrades include cleaner ingredients, optimized electrolyte profile, improved taste, reduced dissolve time.
$7 USD |