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November Project Morning Workouts Rally Communities

November Project
Edmonton’s November Project tribe pounds the stairs at Commonwealth Stadium. Photo: Nadim Chin

When Cathleen Bell moved to Edmonton from B.C. she looked for ways to build her social network and maintain her fitness regime. She heard of November Project on the news and checked it out. The community feeling struck her immediately.

November Project is a fitness movement founded in Boston by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, former college rowing teammates. In 2011, they decided to work out together every weekday morning for the month of November … and they never stopped.

Each workout is free, lasts 30 minutes and attracts over 100 people of all fitness levels. They start early in the morning no matter the weather or time of year. Tribe leaders Facebook and tweet out Monday’s meeting site; and other days have set locations.

“It makes fitness fun and accessible because it’s affordable — free — and it’s really supportive,” says Bell, 28. “I’m just so grateful for the community because it’s made Edmonton home for me.”

Edmonton is the only Canadian locale among 18 November Project cities in North America. Edmonton Oilers captain Andrew Ference brought the concept to Alberta after his time playing hockey in Boston with the Bruins.

“We have a lot of crazy, committed, amazing human beings that are leading tribes and it’s the reason we are successful,” says Graham, who expects other Canadian pledges in 2015 for November Project tribes. “It’s the quality of the people.”

Graham sets the November Project bar level with a simple question, “Would I go to that?”

“You’ve got to leave the cool at the door,” he says. “It’s silly and it’s different.”

If you are interested in starting a November Project in your town, check out November-project.com to get started.