It’s a typical day. You race through the morning routine so you can race through the workday to race through your workout and race back home again. But in all this racing, are you really getting anywhere?

Our society constantly demands more, better, faster. We strive to become the “best” version of ourselves—as athletes and high performers, setting and smashing goals could be considered a favourite pastime. But in climbing the never-ending ladder to “success”—a destination that has a preoccupation with moving its goal post—all this rushing around might be taking us further away from figuring out how to enjoy the ride.

This season, we challenge you to implement the opposite of society’s relentless demand for more. We challenge you to slow down—in all things—and see if there’s joy there. We can’t give you more hours in the day. But there may be some pockets that you can intentionally slow down enough to practice being present.

It could show up in your workouts. If you’re pressed for time or just aren’t feeling the workout you set out to accomplish today, maybe you opt for a short H.I.I.T. workout or try a new class at your gym. 

We’d bet that listening to what your body is asking for will net you better recovery time, less susceptibility to injuries, and increased energy. You might even make a new friend or find out you have no coordination whatsoever in a barre class—but that being there brings happiness. These positives are worth more than any one skipped or modified training session.

Or maybe you could make a point to slow down during dinnertime. It doesn’t have to be every night. Maybe there’s one day a week you find a recipe that looks delicious and take the time to prepare it. To taste as you go, to smell the fragrant spices, to sip a glass of kombucha as you admire your creation.

Then put it on a plate. At a table. And chew. While you listen to your partner talk about their day, or read a few pages of your book, or maybe you do absolutely nothing at all besides savour each bite. Your digestion will thank you. Your stress levels will thank you.

There’s no denying that our society praises a fast pace, and sometimes we need to be a part of that. But perhaps carving out slower moments to find peace, joy, and happiness in your day-to- day life is the simple rebellion that’ll bring you closer to achieving your version of success—and let you actually enjoy it.

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