Canadians know that the frigid winter weather is inevitable, but being cold doesn’t have to be.

Power in Motion’s Canadian designed MOTIONHeat products allow you to keep your heat all throughout the frozen months.

In 2006, Ken Cheung opened Power in Motion to promote more sustainable transportation. The first business in Calgary to specialize in urban electronic transport, Power in Motion has grown into much more than a retail e-bike store. They are a technology company with an inventor at the helm.

As an avid bike rider, Ken didn’t want the Canadian winters to slow him down. After trying other heated gloves during his rides and realizing they weren’t warm enough, he dismantled the gloves and redesigned them, knowing just what to do to make them better. Adding more sizing options for any hand size and powerful heat you can truly feel.

Most companies selling heated apparel are fashion-focused first, meaning they lack knowledge in battery technology and electronics—something that Ken and his team of engineers and designers were very familiar with.

Transitioning from e-bike batteries to heated glove batteries was easy enough, and with the right design software, MOTIONHeat was born.

The MOTIONHeat line has expanded to offer great products to keep all winter warriors warm. With the heated vest, heated belt, heated insoles and heated glove liners, being cold is a thing of the past. There are also windproof and waterproof insulated glove shells to complement the heated liners.

And now, Canadians have another reason to be excited about winter, with the newest edition to the MOTIONHeat line coming this fall, the 2.0 Heated Ski Gloves. This game-changer is different from any other glove on the market thanks to the insulation and layers of material, meaning longer time on the slopes.

“You need some real heat here in Canada, so we use a really powerful battery that can give you that heat,” says Liam Hawryluk, operations manager at Power in Motion.

In fact, the line of MOTIONHeat clothing is the hottest on the market. The additional heat is caused by the 12 and 16-volt batteries unlike the competitions 5 and 7-volt options. Made with breathable materials, moisture escapes for a sweat-free feel.

The best part? Unlike other heated clothing products, MOTIONHeat’s products work in combination with each other. With extension wires and universal connections, the products operate like an ecosystem rather than separate systems. Choose to house the batteries in the vest and use extension wires to connect to the heated insoles and gloves for ultimate warmth and comfort.
Shop online at, or visit the team at Power in Motion located in the Eau Claire Market.

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