Morning Routines

How you start your day has great influence

Not all mornings are created equal. How you start your morning can have a profound effect on how you feel the rest of the day. From cold showers, to pre-dawn runs, to that perfect cup of coffee, professionals at the top of their game share how they get going in the morning.


The first thing chef Matthew Kenney does upon waking is drink a big glass of water. He follows that up with a few minutes of stretching. “Yoga is a big thing for me,” he says, “so even though I don’t have time to do a full practice in the mornings, I like to get some quick movement in.”
Kenney says his day doesn’t start until he’s taken a cold shower. “I’m following the trend; it’s true,” he says. “I like to do 30 seconds of freezing cold at the end of my shower. It really wakes me up and keeps me feeling young.”

Favourite part of the morning: Green juice. He has a juicer at home and makes his own.


When photographer Paul Zizka wakes up in the morning, he takes a look outside. “I glance out the window to see what the mountains look like and whether they are lit up or shrouded with fog or clouds,” he says. “The view is never the same two days in a row, which is something I love about living in Banff.”
The best part of Zizka’s morning is when his three-year-old daughter comes into his room exactly at 6:50 a.m. “Her bright spirit helps me get out of bed,” he says. “Gosh, if only I could be so cheerful and talkative in the morning.”

Day doesn’t start until: Zizka has had a cup of coffee. “A double shot Americano, to be exact,” he says.


Fitness trainer Pete Estabrooks starts his day the same each morning. Before heading to bed, he lays out the running clothes he’ll don in the morning in the order he’ll put them on. He gets up between 5:30 and 5:50 a.m. each morning, meeting dogs Luna and Billie on the way to greet his partner. From bed to running is seven to 12 minutes. “What follows is a moving meditation,” he says. “Five to eight kilometres of easy running, connecting with my partner, comfortable conversation, fresh air and a communion with nature that leaves me grateful for the moment and another day.” I can tell you the adage is true; you will never regret a run that you just finished.”

Day doesn’t start until: Estabrooks has run with the dogs and kissed his girl.


When Olympian Arianne Jones wakes up in the morning, she drinks a glass of greens with lemon to rehydrate from sleep and takes her dog Blueberry out for a walk to enjoy the fresh air and movement. Then comes her favourite part: coffee.
What doesn’t Jones do? “Check my phone. I keep my phone out of the bedroom and try not to check it until I am at my desk,” she says. “This digital boundary helps me show up for my day clear, productive and creative. It makes a huge difference on my mindset for the day.”

Favourite part of the morning: Coffee. “I am a total snob and really enjoy a great coffee with some oat milk,” she says. Jones usually enjoys it in her infrared sauna while listening to a podcast. “Detox, coffee and good vibes to start the day.”

Photo: Arianne Jones enjoys a coffee in the morning, which was a shared indulgence for those IMPACT interviewed.

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