Assessing the ‘Pot’entials

Integrating cannabis into your self-care program.


Optimum performance is not a goal, it’s a way of life. Many athletes who train hard and push through injuries increase the body’s stress resulting in aches and pains.Over-the-counter and prescribed pain meds often come with negative side effects. Here’s where CBD may be a reliable and alternative pain solution under the care of a professional. First, one must establish the Why?, What?, When?, Where? and How? in order to best navigate the options.

Now that legalization of recreational cannabis is on the horizon in Canada (October 17, 2018), people of legal age are curious about the potential benefits of integrating this new plant-based option into their adult self-care programs.

Health Canada-approved and licensed producers are beginning to develop easier ways to navigate products across the spectrum of dried flower and oil. Formats such as decarb capsules, soft gels, inhalers and topicals are making it easier for people to access cannabis. And, for those who prefer pure flower, there are assorted vapes as an alternate to smoking. Deciding to use cannabis is more than choosing between just THC and CBD.

Furthermore, there are many misconceptions that Sativa vs Indica are driven to produce certain effects: Sativa (elevated) /Indica (sedated). The reality is that everyone’s genetics are different and reactions are vastly varied. Some benefits may result in reduced pain, improved sleep, more balance and more focus. Some results may include lack of focus, feeling tired, hungry or paranoid, thus establishing a broad spectrum of variable effects of cannabis, hemp. Some of these symptoms can be quite disconcerting. There are many pros and cons that can occur depending on strain, individual DNA and other factors such as your current medicine intake and health.

As the market continues to grow, so will the products, not just across cannabis, but also hemp. This will bring to life everything from infused beverages to new edibles, to sport relief patches and more.

Determining your “Why?” is the most important first step to success. This may be sports-specific, personal fitness, therapeutic or medical. If your “Why?” is sports specific, your “What?” may include performance, weight goals, energy, focus, recovery, stress, therapy, healing and pain management to name a few. Once you have established your Why? and What? … When?, Where? and How? come into question, thus avoiding mis-navigation around cannabis and affecting your fitness and wellness.

The science of cannabis is one part of the story, but the other is a clear understanding of working out, training, conditioning and living a healthy lifestyle. To best understand which cannabis products are right for your athletic performance, it is always recommended to consult a cannabis-focused health and wellness professional.