Physio Gadgets Every Runner Needs

Injury prevention and recovery tools have become synonymous with running and training. This collection of physio gizmos will help you say goodbye to pain and hello to more time to doing what you really love—running.


This rolling muscle massager was created by an athlete who was tired of suffering from sore muscles. The hand-held foam roller helps relieve sore muscles, muscle knots, cramping, spasms and stiffness. It is a quick and effective method to myofascial and trigger point release.
$42.95 CAD 18″ | $48.95 CAD 22″ |


This all-in-one myofascial release tool is the ultimate muscle scraping and soft tissue release tool. It incorporates massage surfaces with IASTM and Guasha Edges to effectively treat myofascial pain. Excellent in helping treat and maintain fascia for injury prevention and maintain good tissue quality.
$79.95 CAD |


If you are experiencing tension in your glutes, quads or neck, this heatable ball is known for its therapeutic effects for central nervous system relaxation by stimulating blood flow to muscles that are tense and stiff. It helps relieves pain, muscle and fascia tightness, stiffness, and trigger points caused by injury or repetitive strain.
$29.95 CAD |


Used by athletes who suffer from muscular pain, this product makes it possible to self-apply pain-relieving deep compression directly to hard, knotted trigger points even in the hardest to reach muscles between your shoulder blades. Only a few minutes work on one or two troublesome points is sufficient.
$50.95 CAD |


The all-in-one design combined with Naboso’s patent-pending technology stimulates thousands of nerves in your feet. Split it in two for stationary exercises that let you work both feet simultaneously or use it for rolling techniques all over the body. It’s just the right density to ease muscles in the feet and calves.
$29.95 CAD |

Designed to hit the pressure points on the foot, foot rollers aid in the body’s natural healing ability. Using them relieves pain and stiffness from plantar fasciitis, prevents plantar fasciitis, and reduces foot pain and inflammation. Relieve tension through massaging nerve endings and targeted pressure point release—great for recovery after a run.
$19.95 CAD |

Slant boards are effective stretching devices for performance enhancement and injury prevention, and great for recovery and ankle mobility for runners. These adjustable incline boards are designed to target and stretch the calf, arch, hamstring and hip muscles.
$229.95 CAD |


ThermaWedge® has been clinically studied and endorsed by physicians and therapists for treating plantar fasciiitis and Achilles tendon injuries. It combines all the recommended treatments in one device to reduce pain, enhance mobility, and improve foot and ankle strength.
$59.95 CAD |


This foam roller provides intense heat and therapeutic pressure for simple and effective pain relief. It increases blood flow to sore muscles and joints to help accelerate recovery. Reap the benefits of fast-acting heat and effective deep tissue massage to relieve sore muscles after a long run.
$250 CAD |

Photography by Graham McKerrell

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