The Athlete’s Fix

Book review from the September/October 2015 Food & Fitness Issue

The Athlete's Fix

232 pages, VeloPress

Focussed on creating a diet that eliminates problematic foods unique to each individual, The Athlete’s Fix helps the reader discover their best foods for athletic performance and health.

With accessible language, Taylor goes through the science behind gut digestion and how problems caused by food intolerance can affect each system of the body and athletic performance.

The “Fix” is a functional base diet that eliminates common inflammatory and problematic foods to rid you of any food intolerance symptoms you may be experiencing. Taylor encourages the reader to reintroduce foods one at a time to pinpoint specific individual intolerances. The point of The Athlete’s Fix is not to eliminate foods from your diet without purpose, the goal is “to eat as wide a variety of beneficial foods as possible while avoiding or minimizing foods that have a negative impact on health, performance, or both.”

There are 50 recipes (all free of gluten, grains, soy, legumes, dairy, additives and preservatives) that support the functional base diet. At the beginning of each recipe Taylor provides insight, ranging from the time of day the meal may be most beneficial to eat, to suggestions of previously eliminated foods that may be added back into a recipe to test for symptoms.

Filled with interesting charts and graphs and easily digestible information, The Athlete’s Fix is a must have for anyone looking to increase their performance and health by eliminating symptoms of food intolerance.