Nowhere Near First

Nowhere Near First: Ultramarathon Adventures From the Back of the Pack
AUTHOR Cory Reese RELEASE DATE 2016 ISBN 1537001809

Nowhere Near First is Cory Reese’s account of his life and times in ultrarunning. He’s known in the ultrarunning community as Fast Cory although he is, admittedly, not a fast guy as is alluded in his book title. Reese is a mid- to back-of-the-pack runner and recounts his experience as an average ultrarunner. This perspective brings levity and novelty to his work as, unlike nearly all published works in trail and ultrarunning, Reese is not professional or elite, a sports scientist or physiologist, coach or celebrity. Rather, he draws from a vantage of being as relatable as one ultrarunner could be to other runners and non-runners alike.

His writing explores his myriad experiences in the sport, including his personal keys to success, such as his long-wrought understanding and skill of being able to suffer well. Reese has had many years and countless ultras in his career. Stories from many of his days are balanced alongside tales from his life outside of running, with his wife and children. His introduction to the sport, as unlikely as it was for him, is recounted without hiding his varied successes and failures along the way. Although his story is personal, his offerings are valuable for anyone interested in learning about what the ultrarunning experience is like, why one would choose to train for an ultra and multiple insights about training, nutrition, enjoying the company of others on the trail, and getting after your own personal goals.