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Five reads that will inspire you to improve the quality of your life

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Looking for a great read this summer? Looking to expand your mind in the areas of health, fitness and nutrition? Here are five picks by IMPACT Magazine that will inspire you to improve the quality of your life.


By Syl Corbett, DC, PhD, 2021, Self-Published

Dr. Syl Corbett is an elite thinker when it comes to health and performance. She has shown us all what resiliency and a positive mindset look like in her own actions. A year away from a stage 4 cancer diagnosis and absolutely rocking life, Syl outlines in D-FUNk practical strategies to set your mindset right and crush whatever lies ahead of you. A brilliant read.

– Haley Wickenheiser

Hot for Food All Day

Hot For Food All Day
By Lauren Toyota, 2021, Penguin Canada

It’s not a surprise that Lauren Toyota’s most recent cookbook hit the Top 10 list on International and Canada’s Bestsellers lists weeks after its release. Featuring over 120 recipes of food euphoria, Lauren delivers her trademark delicious, easy to make vegan meals, alongside gorgeous and mouth-watering photography. You’ll want to make every recipe in this book — all truly exceptional.

– Elaine Kupser

Open Heart

Open Heart
By Akil Taher, MD, 2021, Kindle Direct Publishing

A self-described couch potato and party animal, Taher, a successful physician went through heart bypass surgery and faced his reality that changing his life wasn’t enough. He would have to “resurrect to a new life.” This led him to running half and full marathons, climbing mountains, running obstacle courses and other challenging sports…all after the age of 61. His new motto: “Adventure may hurt but monotony will kill.”

– Tom Branch

Read My Hips!

Read My Hips!
By Wolf Schamberger, MD, FRCP (C), 2020, Friesen Press

Written by a well-respected physiatrist with years of experience dealing with musculoskeletal dysfunction, this book provides an in-depth and detailed study of malalignment syndrome, in particular affecting the lumbar spine and pelvis. He uses a good balance of “Lay-man’s” language and medical terminology with regards to the complexities of spinal biomechanics. A resource to those clinician’s using manual therapy to assess, treat and ultimately assist in educating their patients.

– Ian Catchpole, Othopaedic Physiotherapist

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition

Plant-Based Sports Nutrition
By D. Enette Larson-Meyer, PhD, RDN and Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RDN, rev. 2020, Human Kinetics CANADA

If you are an athlete thinking of introducing more plant-based foods in your diet this is the book for you. It explains the health benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet and the concept of plant-based eating with tips on taking that first step. It covers nutrition and fueling pre, during and post exercise, and how to make meal plans with tried and tested recipes. A great resource in explaining how to fine tune your diet so you can train and perform at your best.

– Louise Hodgson-Jones

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