365 WODs

Book review from the July/August 2015 Summer Sports Issue

365 WODS

208 pages, Fair Winds Press

So you want to be a CrossFit superstar? Then you need WODs. Lots of them. Blair Morrison, a three-time CrossFit Games finalist and world-travelling history buff, has put together a how-to book with an equation for getting fit and staying fit no matter where you are.

For the uninitiated, WOD is Workout of the Day, a staple in the CrossFit world that drives participants to physical (and sometimes mental) extremes. Take the equipment you need and add gym lingo, plus illustrated exercise descriptions, plus 365 workout combinations and you have the formula for a simple, easy-to-follow workout guide.

365 WODs is not intended to be a progression through each workout, but instead offers a menu of WODs to choose from based on your circumstances. Are you home? On the road? At the gym? Pick your poison and get sweaty.

CrossFit has gained popularity by virtue of its high-intensity strength workouts. It turns a typical gym or workout session into a sweaty aerobic mash-up. It has also become notorious for injuries suffered by participants taking it out too hard, too fast or too heavy. 365 WODs comes with a disclaimer, advising readers to be mindful of technique and progress slowly through the program. Visiting a local CrossFit gym to get coached through the basic moves is a good place to start. Then tuck the WOD bible into your gym bag and get fit.

—  Chris Welner

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