Our Favourite Summer Picks

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Maison Jacynthe Vegan Skincare

Maison Jacynthe
Vegan Skincare

$38 • www.maisonjacynthe.ca

We tried out a few of the waste-free, completely natural skincare products from Maison Jacynthe, a 100% vegan and cruelty-free line based in Quebec. The star product, in our opinion, is the Exfopur – an exfoliator made of white clay, volcanic rock, and a variety of leafy extracts and peppermint. The peppermint and balsam fir extracts make this product smell heavenly and leave the skin with a pleasant tingle. The white clay helps with circulation so don’t be alarmed if your skin is red directly after use. This product leaves skin feeling thoroughly clean, tight, and bright. Any company committed to waste-free packaging, plant-based products, and no animal testing gets kudos from us.

Modern Meat Plant-Based Burgers, Crab Cakes & Sauces

Modern Meat
Plant-Based Burgers, Crab Cakes & Sauces

$6.50-12.50 • www.themodernmeat.com

Modern Meat is our new favourite plant-based meat replacement line. This Vancouver, B.C. company creates soy, gluten, and GMO-free products from whole foods. Their ingredient lists are shockingly clean, especially compared to others on the market. You’ll only find real food here; onion, garlic, cauliflower, and mushrooms are the base of their delicious burgers. All of their products are excellent, but our favourites are the Modern ‘Crab’ Cake, almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and the Tarragon Remoulaude. Their products are high in protein (14 g in each burger) with no artificial preservatives, chemicals, or fillers. The prices are right starting from $6.50 for their sauces  to $12.50 for a package of four burgers.

Active Vegetarian Plant Powered Athlete Cookbook

Active Vegetarian
Plant Powered Athlete Cookbook

$33 • www.activevegetarian.com

Plant Powered Athlete is the latest plant-based cookbook from Vancouver-based health coaches Zuzana Fajkusova and Nikki Lefler. With more than 80 recipes designed to attain the next level of vitality in your body, you can master everything from nut mylks to smoothie bowls to nori rolls. The photography is beautiful and the recipes are mouth-watering, and we love the “Core Principles” section towards the front of the book, which offers specific nutrition guidance and a detailed breakdown of the health properties in different whole foods. We definitely give this book our seal of approval.

Rouge The Rouge Essential Red Light Therapy

The Rouge Essential Red Light Therapy

$933 • www.rouge.care

Many professional athletes, coaches and therapists have sworn by the power of red light therapy as a valuable tool aiding in the recovery from injuries and chronic pain. We decided to put The Rouge Essential – Red Light Therapy technology to the test. This product is suitable for at-home use (we were able to easily hang from a door with the attachment provided). We started with 2-minute daily sessions, 3x per week and increased each week. The red light waves provide a pleasant warmth to the area which indicates deep muscle recovery and is free of side effects. The verdict is still out but we love it so far.

Voormi Women’s Short Sleeve Merino Tech Tee

Women’s Short Sleeve Merino Tech Tee

This is a great shirt for both daily activities and sweat-worthy sessions. It’s lightweight, has great moisture-wicking properties and also provides UV protection. Promoted as odour-resistant, we can say first-hand that it keeps you smelling fresh despite a sweaty
hike or climb. It’s super comfortable and features Voormi’s lightest and most air permeable DUAL SURFACE™ precision blended wool and a relaxed fit.

$70 • www.voormi.com

Yoga Design Lab Infinity Mat

Yoga Design Lab
Infinity Mat

$118 • www.yogadesignlab.com

Take your yoga practice to the next level with Yoga Design Lab’s Infinity Mat. What sets this mat apart is its grip; natural tree rubber provides a completely slip-free yoga experience. From power vinyasa to Yin and restorative practices, you will feel completely stable and comfortable on this well-cushioned, soft-textured mat. It’s easy to clean – gently wipe down with a damp cloth – and the design options are cute to boot, with three colours to choose from. We especially recommend this mat for an at-home practice, as due to its extra cushioning it’s a little heavier than your average mat (though not unbearably so). 

Lebert Fitness Lebert HIIT System

Lebert Fitness
Lebert HIIT System

We tried out the new HIIT System by Lebert Fitness, a portable, at-home multi-use training tool that uses your own body weight and reciprocal resistance allowing for
hundreds of exercises. The door anchor option only took us a minute to set up
(there is also an instructional video online) and the soft strap anchor protects
the door effectively. It’s easy to use, and you are in control of the level
of resistance and difficulty of each exercise. We’ve been using
it here every day – the workout possibilities are endless!
A must-have for your home workouts.

$127 • www.lebertfitness.com

Kahtoola INSTA™ Gaiter Low

INSTA™ Gaiter Low

$40 • www.kahtoola.com

No gaiters are perfect, but these are the best trail running gaiters we’ve tried! The plastic band that goes underfoot is easily adjustable and very durable to withstand the brutal Rockies scree.  They are compatible with any shoe and don’t require a velcro strip. The upper ankle area is adjustable to prevent rocks from coming in through the top. Our only complaint is the asymmetric zipper, which sometimes partially unzips, allowing rocks in. 

On-Running Cloud X Running Shoe

Cloud X

$169 • www.on-running.com

We laced up On’s new Cloud X ultimate lightweight cross-trainer this summer, a shoe aimed at multi-functional athletes who like to mix their workouts. Engineered as a running shoe, we found the Cloud X wonderfully lightweight and ultra-reactive, living up to its name. With its wide base it offers excellent stability and nice cushioning (the outsole is reinforced with Helion™ Superfoam). We particularly liked this runner as a workout shoe – it is flexible, breathable and extremely comfortable. It’s also pretty cool looking. If you are looking at buying one shoe that fits all, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

IMPACT Magazine Special Summer Edition iPad cover featuring Canadian climber and future Olympian Alannah YipIMPACT Magazine’s Special Summer Edition

This has not been a regular summer, and this is not a regular edition of IMPACT Magazine. In fact, it is an unprecedented issue that comes to you as a result of true grit and community support.

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