A Few Of Our Favourite Kitchen Products

Step up to the plate and hit a culinary home run with help from these great tools

When you’re on the run, it’s handy to have a few convenient kitchen implements at your disposal. The ones we’ve included here will help you sustain your healthy eating habits and save time so you can get on with your busy day.

Gourmia GES335 Electric Spiralizer
With plant-based eating gaining in popularity, make room in your kitchen for this spiralizer. Includes three blades so you can choose between thin, thick and ribbon noodles.
$69 | gourmia.com

Gourmia GES335 Electric Spiralizer
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol

Yonanas Classic Dessert Maker
Turn your frozen fruit into the consistency of soft-serve ice cream without the dairy or fat! Simply feed frozen fruit of any kind into the Yonanas dessert maker and start enjoying. This is a fast and healthy way to enjoy soft-serve from fruit.
$39 | yonanas.com

Yonanas Classic Dessert Maker
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol

KitchenAid Professional Series Blender
For healthy eating, there’s nothing you’ll be more thankful for than a good quality blender. From creating amazing smoothies to blending soups or even making peanut butter or hummus, this is one of the workhorses of the kitchen.
$529 | kitchenaid.ca

KitchenAid Professional Series Blender
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol

Le Crueset 10” Frying Pan
This pan is an investment but you’ll never have to replace it. Enamelled cast iron is one of the healthiest cooking choices and is so durable it will last a lifetime. Unlike uncoated cast iron or Teflon-coated non-stick products, the enamel coating is inert and won’t react with your food.

Cast iron is the king of absorbing even heat which translates to browning better and cooking vegetables faster.
$215 | lecreuset.ca

Le Crueset 10” Frying Pan
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol

Instant Pot 6 Quart Multicooker
While not exactly ‘instant,’ the 6 Quart Instant Pot is certainly convenient and can help to reduce the time it takes for meal prep. The manual is a bit intimidating, but thanks to the internet and foodies on YouTube, you can be up and cooking/learning in no time.

Ultimately, the Instant Pot, a programmable pressure cooker, can deliver delicious meals about 70 per cent faster than traditional cooking times, even when starting from frozen.
$145 | instantpot.com

Instant Pot 6 Quart Multicooker
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer
This product could change your life if you enjoy fried food or if you’ve been avoiding it for health reasons. It requires virtually no oil to create food you love, using superheated air. We made a batch of yam fries and one of potato fries using just ½ Tbsp. oil for each. They were ready in about 15 minutes, fed four people and tasted fantastic. The only downside is if you’re trying to feed a group, you’ll have to do it in batches. The air fryer can also be used for everything from veggies to brownies, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.
$329 | philips.ca

Philips Avance Collection Airfryer
Photo: Eka Barnovi-MacNicol