Shake and Bake

Heidi Cannon
Heidi Cannon. Photo: Randy Dicken, Skazka Images

Eating clean is a wonderful lifestyle. You feel better, have more energy and your health improves. But sometimes I miss my sweets — an occasional chocolate bar, a cookie or a cupcake.

I started to think about how my favourite sweet treats could be made clean, yet tasty, so I got my protein powder out and off I went, baking up a storm. Two years later and I haven’t stopped. None of my recipes contain sugar, white flour or butter. Many recipes are gluten-free and lactose-free and I load all of them onto my food app, Mrs. Cannon’s Baking.

The app gets reloaded bi-weekly with new recipes, which include calorie breakdown, fat, carbs and protein.

Here are three of my recipes to try:



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