Let’s Do Brunch

Moroccan Shakshuka highlights post-workout feast

Photo: Barbara Bamber

I love working out every day, whether it be weight lifting, rowing, spin class, hiking, walking or yoga. Nothing makes me happier than enjoying any one of these activities with friends, chatting over coffee afterwards. Tasked with cooking brunch for a small group requires a bit of planning so the “chef” gets to enjoy the feast with her sweaty friends.

The brunch of bacon, regular pancakes, cheesy casseroles and cinnamon buns doesn’t make an appearance very often in our health-conscious community. With so much focus on wellness and fitness, there are new ways to have an incredible brunch that also nourishes.

Here are three great brunch ideas that will replenish your body after a workout and refuel it for an active day ahead. Serve with colourful bowls of mixed berries, a large jug of water and savour!