Bodyweight training continues to be one of the most practical and enjoyable ways to exercise. Why? You can be consistent and drive results by being active at any time of the day and absolutely anywhere you want! Bodyweight workouts primarily focus on the improvement of our functional fitness allowing our bodies to move more efficiently, while reducing the risk of injuries. This purposeful type of training is also effective for all ages, body types and fitness levels, as each exercise can be easily modified. You can always increase or decrease your intensity and impact level while still feeling a solid burn in your muscles!

Here is a perfect bodyweight workout that you can keep in your back pocket and pull out whenever and wherever you want!

Complete this entire sequence once, take a short break, then master the moves for another three rounds (four rounds total)


12 reps, 6 per leg
Lunges are incredible to strengthen and shape the legs. Finish each lunge with a strong and controlled knee lift to challenge your balance and stability. Feel how the upper-and lower-body muscles are fully activated in this swift sequence of movements.

Step 1: Stand tall with your feet under your hips. Roll your shoulder back and away from your ears for a strong set position.
Step 2: Place your hands on your hips and brace your core as you step your right foot back into a double-pulse lunge.
Step 3: In the lunge, try to achieve a 90-degree angle in the front and back knee.
Step 4: Lift and thread the right foot forward, driving the right knee up to the hip line while reaching your arms above your head.
Step 5: Take the right foot back down to the ground and stand tall in the set position.
Repeat with left leg.

Harder: Lift onto the ball of your stabilizing foot while performing the knee lift.
Easier: Take out the knee lift and/or reduce the range of your lunge.


12 reps
Armadillo jumping jacks will have your heart pumping while you power through those explosive, fast twitch muscles in your glutes and quads.

Step 1: Stand tall with your feet set under your hips.
Step 2: Squat down low and extend your hands down to the floor.
Step 3: Keep your chest up, core braced and your back flat and engaged.
Step 4: Clench your fists and jump up from the squat while driving your arms above your head into a jumping jack.
Move continuously.

Harder: Jump into an Air Jack
(jump higher and hang in the air for a longer period of time).
Easier: Take out the jump and stand up tall after the squat.


6-10 reps
Good ol’ push-ups are a must if you want to efficiently train your upper body, whether you do them on your knees or your toes! Build your long, lateral and medial triceps muscles in the back of your arms in the triceps pulse push-up, and build the pectoralis major muscle in your chest and also your biceps muscles in the more traditional chest pulse push-ups.

Step 1: Come down to a plank position on your hands and toes.
Step 2: Lock your core and lengthen through your spine and legs so that your butt isn’t up in the air.
Step 3: Take your arms out to the sides slightly wider than shoulder-width.
Step 4: Press your hands firmly into the floor and squeeze your butt.
Step 5: Triple pulse down and up in the chest push-ups with your chest targeting the elbow line.
Step 6: While maintaining your plank position, walk your arms in narrow and under your shoulders.
Step 7: Complete a triple-pulse triceps push-up, guiding your elbows back and brushing your inner arms along your ribs (armpits tight).
Step 8: Walk the arms back out to your chest push-up position and repeat the sequence.

Harder: Jump the arms wide and narrow as you transition from the chest push-up to the triceps push-up.
Easier: Complete the push-ups on your knees.


6-10 reps
This dynamic flexion movement challenges the rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominis, while using the obliques to stabilize the body. Embrace that burn in your upper and lower abdominals.

Step 1: Roll over onto your back and lay on the ground.
Step 2: Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground.
Step 3: Place your hands on your temples and pull your elbows in narrow.
Step 4: Lift up your upper and lower body, bringing your knees in towards the hip line while lifting your shoulder towards your knees (think about bringing your ribs into your hips).
Step 5: Keeping your head and shoulders off the ground, dynamically shoot your arms and legs out long and wide into a star (your arms and legs should be hovering above the ground).
Step 6: While maintaining the contraction in your abs, bring the arms and legs back into your crunch and repeat!

Harder: Hold the crunch and extension for a longer period of time
Easier: Keep the knees bent. Keep the head and shoulders on the floor. 

Photography by Mauricio Lozano del Valle

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