HIIT For Strength

A full-body HIIT workout to challenge you

Greg Hetherington
Photo: Denise Militzer

These exercises are designed to give you a full-body, strength-building workout in a stationary location at the gym so you aren’t having to run back and forth. It will also elevate your heart rate to give it a conditioning effect in a short period of time. The mandatory rest at the end of each set allows for heavier weight to be used so you can focus on the strength aspect.

10 Minute Warm-Up

20 seconds of each exercise including: Back flexion/extension cycles, T-spine rotations, wrist rolls, hip and shoulder-controlled articulations (20 sec/limb), scap push-ups, inchworm-to-plank walk-outs and single leg hinges.

Then 2 rounds of 20 seconds each of: Air squats, lateral lunges, jump squats, lateral skater jumps, burpees.


Do 5 rounds of the following exercises. Allow 1 minute for recovery after each set so your heart rate comes down. Focus on your breathing and try to inhale/exhale through the nose. Taking a recovery rest between exercises will allow you to work with heavier weights than you could handle with no rest. That means you’ll get both a strength and cardio workout.

Push Press

10 reps

Advanced: Pick up the barbell* from the rack and start in a standing position with the barbell at collarbone height. Hands should be shoulder-width apart, palms facing forward. Bend knees slightly, then straighten legs as you push the barbell above your head. Finish with fully extended arms, standing tall.

*Your barbell weight for the push press is the limiting factor for all exercises moving forward and should be be challenging for 10 reps.

Beginner: Use a dumbbell instead of a barbell.

Intermediate: Use a kettlebell instead of a barbell.

Push Press
Photo: Denise Militzer

Back Squat with Speed

10 Reps

Advanced: With a barbell resting on your shoulders, grip the bar with palms facing forward. Place feet slightly wider than hips. Lower into a squatting position, keeping your back straight. Drive up through the heels as if you’re going to jump and repeat. This will feel light compared to the push press, so really drive the bar up.

Beginner: Use a dumbbell and do a goblet squat.

Intermediate: Use a kettlebell and do a front squat.

Back Squat with Speed
Photo: Denise Militzer

Pendlay Row

10 Reps

Advanced: Load a barbell with weights and stand behind it. Keeping your back straight, bend forward with arms on the outside of your legs and grab the bar with palms facing down. Keep knees slightly bent with hips pushed back. Raise the bar to your belly button in one smooth, quick movement. Lower the bar to the ground in a controlled manner and repeat. Keep that back straight!

Beginner: Use a dumbbell and do a one-arm dumbbell row.

Intermediate: Use a kettlebell and do a gorilla row.

Barbell Rollout with a Push-up

10 Reps

Advanced: With the bar on the floor, place your knees on the ground like you’re in a push-up position from the knees. Grip the bar a little wider than shoulder-width. Keeping your core engaged, squeeze your glutes and roll out as far as you can, staying tight, then come back up pulling with the arms (not shooting the hips back.) Then pop-up to your feet and perform a push-up from knees or feet.

Beginner/Intermediate: Do a plank walk-out to a push-up.