Half Marathon Training Plan

Hit your mark in a 21.1K race

Half Marathon

Your best friend has always wanted to do a half-marathon. Your office has a team and everyone is running a half marathon for charity. You call home to find out your mother started a half marathon clinic as her New Year’s resolution. Are you the only person in your world who is not running a half marathon this year? You don’t have to be.

There is still time to sign up, do the training and get to the finish line celebrating with everyone else.

Half marathon is a great distance to start when venturing down the long distance running road. If you’ve been bit by the marathon bug, the 21.1K can be its own challenge while building on the path to the marathon. Training for a half allows you to work on your speed with less risk of injury, since long runs aren’t going to be much more than 20K.

Whenever I found myself in a rut with my marathon, I would move down to thehalf-marathon for a season. I would use this training time to focus on what was causing my rut, whether it was speed, strength or endurance. And it was always a nice break being able to cut that time in half for a Sunday long run.

Whether you’re new to running or a seasoned veteran the half marathon should be a distance you run at least once a season. It can be the perfect training run for the marathon runner and I often include it in the training plans for my athletes. Racing a half marathon lets you practice race-day prep and nutrition while putting in a solid workout. Whatever your goals, the half marathon can be a place to regroup and get stronger or be a great starting point to learn the ropes of road running.

Dig into my half marathon training plan and step up to the start line.

Half Marathon Training Plan – 12 Weeks