Half Marathon Training Plan

There’s nothing halfway about this full-on plan for running success

Training Plan

So you wanna run a half huh? Good on you! Running 21.1 km is long enough to make you feel super badass and hardcore, but short enough that you can still have a life outside of training.

As a coach I can tell you that if you can already run 5K, within 12 weeks you can run a legit half marathon.

However, unlike the 5K, that literally anyone can complete on minimum to no training, the half marathon will quickly humble you if you employ a similar strategy. After all, it does have the all-important ‘M’ in its title so you better pay it some homage!

With 21.1 km to knock out, it’s imperative that you’re banking enough kilometres during training to build endurance.

The best way to ensure you’re going slay a solid half is your weekly long run, which will build endurance. Additionally, long runs teach the body to tap into and utilize energy reserves from body fat after glycogen stores have been depleted. Long runs are also great if you’re trying to drop a stubborn pound or two. Think of them as the best insurance policy you can take out to guard against crashing after railing it for 15+ km’s.

My running plan lays out your path to a bullet-proof half marathon in 12 weeks. You will be running more than 50 km each week including some time on the track. As always, make sure to warm up and cool down with each training session.

Training Schedule

Download printable 12 week Half Marathon training plan.