Yoga for Athletes

Get your body primed for performance


When training for an event such as a triathlon or obstacle race, you inevitably stress many different areas of the body. Because of this, a balanced training plan should include a strength and mobility program.

By incorporating sport-specific yoga into your regime you will optimize your performance and help prevent injury.

The following three poses will increase hip and shoulder mobility, improve core strength and develop body awareness.



Benefits: core strength & body awareness

  • Start in table top (on hands and knees). On an inhale, lift your left foot off the ground extending your leg and curling your toes back toward your shin with the toes pointing toward the ground.
  • At the same time, bring your right hand up and forward, extending the arm in line with your shoulder socket, fingers extended and thumb pointed toward the sky.
  • Draw your ribs and belly button towards your spine. Keep active length in your spine.
  • Press the strongly into your left hand with your shoulder over your elbow and your elbow over the wrist to strengthen your balance.

Low Lunge with Quad Stretch

Benefits: hip & shoulder mobility

  • Come into this pose from a low runner’s lunge. Bring your right hand on the ground toward the outside edge of your mat.
  • On an inhale, bend your right knee, bringing your heel toward your seat. Hold onto your right foot with your left hand.
  • On an exhale, open your shoulders and chest to the left.
  • If you are not able to reach your right foot, place a strap around your right ankle while holding onto the strap with your left hand guiding your heel towards your seat.

High Lunge with a Twist

Benefits: shoulder & hip mobility

  • Start in either a high lunge or low lunge with your right foot forward.
  • Keep a long spine and extend your arms overhead. On an exhale, rotate your upper body, twisting through the middle of the spine toward the right, extending your arms out from your shoulders like airplane wings.
  • Keep your front knee pointing straight forward.
  • On an inhale rotate your upper body back to centre, extending the arms overhead.
  • On an exhale, do the same movement twisting toward the left side.

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