A Fresh Stance on Boxing

Nightclub atmosphere bringing new life to an ancient sport

Photo: Michael Benz

Although boxing fans and purists would argue that boxing never disappeared, it certainly has re-appeared in the mainstream, updated for modern tastes and sensibilities.

Take a look around and you’ll find no-contact boxing classes, luxe fitness studios with nightclub inspired production and the camaraderie that comes with sweating in a group. Fighter fit, without getting hit.

Boxing has seen many incarnations, interpretations and bastardizations, but what’s indisputable is the timeless fascination with the craft. Boxing offers a Rubik’s cube type challenge for everyone. Kids enjoy the playfulness and adults are viscerally drawn to boxing and the life parallels it offers. Roll with the punches. Saved by the bell. Throw in the towel. Low blow. One more round. Sucker punch. Fight the good fight. I’m in your corner. This connection between life and boxing transcends the workout and leaves you exhausted, but renewed, ready to face whatever life throws at you.

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years. – LL Cool J

Boxing benefits are extensive:

It’s a calorie-smashing, full body workout. Punch power comes from your entire body, engaging your glutes, quads, core, shoulders and fists.

Boxing trains hand-eye coordination and improves motor skills. Boxing is even being used to mitigate the effects of Parkinson’s.

Boxing alternates between high intensity and low intensity building strength and cardio.

Then there’s the cathartic release in punching something. You feel great doing it.

Boxing has low barriers to entry. All you need are $10 hand wraps and gym clothes. Most gyms lend gloves free of charge or for a nominal rental fee. Whether you are drawn to the modern boxing studio or prefer a traditional boxing gym, there’s a style of boxing for you!

Stand and Punch

The Stance: Fists to cheeks. Elbows tucked. Take a small step back on your dominant side. Plant the balls of your feet, slightly lift your heels and pendulum back and forth. A boxer is always moving.

The Punches: Here are the basic punches every boxer has in her arsenal. These instructions are for right-handed people. If you’re a lefty, simply reverse.

  • Jab: A quick, sharp straight punch with lead hand.
  • Cross: A horizontal bent arm punch from the side, finishing with your arm parallel to the ground. Lead uppercut is with your lead hand; rear uppercut is with your rear or dominant hand.
  • Hook: A horizontal bent arm punch from the side, finishing with your arm parallel to the ground. Lead hook is with your lead hand; rear hook is with your rear or dominant hand.
  • Uppercut: A driving punch from the bottom up. Unload with your palm facing up towards you. Lead uppercut is with your lead hand; rear uppercut is with your rear or dominant hand.

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