IMPACT Picks for the Best Outdoor Podcasts

We tuned in to a couple dozen podcasts to sift out our favourites

The world of audio storytelling has been getting larger and larger. There’s a huge variety of show formats now from one-on-one interviews and deep conversations, to audio storytelling with original reporting. The outdoor world is no different. Happy listening.

30 For 30 Podcasts

Starpowered storytelling
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Great audio and amazing storytelling backbenche this series, which is produced by ESPN. Each season (there’s eight so far) has a different theme. Some will use the entire season to tell a story, while others are contained to singular episodes.

Episodes to try

  • season 1, ep. 3: On the Ice
  • season 4, ep. 3: Six Who Sat
  • season 6, ep. 2: Out of the Woods

Billy Yang Podcast

One-on-one conversations
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Host Billy Yang speaks with some of the top athletes, creative-types and entrepreneurs. If you like deep dives in interview format, this is the podcast for you.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 12: Scott Jurek
  • ep. 23: Courtney Dewaulter
  • ep. 55: Adam Campbell

Climbing Gold

Deep dive with climbing names
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If you’ve ever tuned into the world of climbing, you’ll be familiar with this show’s host. Alex Honnold (you know, the guy who climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan without a rope) dives deep into the culture of his sport. This podcast is fresh off the press, or soundwaves, and features interviews with some of the sport’s biggest names.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 1: More Bird Than Larry Bird;
  • ep. 5: A Magician Needs a Stage
  • Bit of Gold Bonus: Crack Wars;

The Dirtbag Diaries

Grassroots storytelling
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Inspired by the campfire tale, Dirtbag Diaries highlights explorers who reach for the stars and sometimes fall short.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 10: False Summit
  • ep. 161: Sacred Slopes
  • ep. 162: Flight of the Monarch

Nitty Gritty Training

Running and OCR Training
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Remember the obstacle course racing (OCR) craze? The hosts of this podcast never left, they’re living it. Join OCR Champion Faye Stenning and Olympian Jess O’Connell as they discuss training strategies for running, fitness and OCR, nutrition, injuries, and more.

Episodes to try

  • Rebecca Hammond – Dr. Queen of the Beach to You
  • Dr. Peter Duggan Tells It Like It Is

Out Alive Podcast

Stories of survival
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What happens when things go wrong? Backpacker’s Out Alive seeks to answer this by speaking to the people who had tragedy strike while they were outside.

Episodes to try

  • Tragedy on the Appalachian Trail Part 1; A Snowy Second Chance

Outside Podcast

Outdoor variety
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Since 2016, Outside Podcast has been sharing stories from the outdoors. Backed by the veritable Outside Magazine, episodes come out weekly, so there’s no shortage of fresh content. From an epic treasure hunt, to important conversations with people who spend their time outdoors, to surviving scary situations, this podcast has your outdoor listening needs covered.

Episodes to try

  • The Doctors Prescribing Nature
  • Why You Desperately Want to Jump in a Lake
  • How the Pandemic is Teaching Us to Listen to Nature
  • The Story Behind the Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunt

The Rich Roll Podcast

Long conversations with exceptional guests
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What do a free-climbing legend, action-loving actress and a tenured neuroscientist have in common? Well, you likely won’t find them sharing a drink together, but they are among the over-100-and counting-varied guests featured on the Rich Roll Podcast. Rich Roll, a plant-fuelled ultra-endurance athlete, hosts guests from various backgrounds who delve into all things wellness. With longer run times (1.5 to 2.5 hours), episodes really get at the heart of each guest’s thoughts.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 323: Dan Buettner
  • ep. 406: Wim Hof
  • ep. 536: Mirna Valerio

She Explores Podcast

By women, for women
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The She Explores catalogue is more than 180 episodes deep and counting. Using interviews, in-the-field audio and listener submissions, host Gale Straub highlights female adventurers and the outdoors.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 114: Safer Alone in the Backcountry
  • ep. 138: Purpose and Perspective in the Superstition Mountains
  • ep. 159: The Promise of Climbing; ep. 164: Outdoorsy Puns and “Subpar” Parks

Some Work All Play Podcast

These coaches are your new best friends
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Hosts Megan and David Roche will quickly have you feeling like one of the gang. The duo has a coaching background and answers reader questions, touching on topics for athletes of all stripes.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 4: Imposter Syndrome and Strides
  • ep. 43: Healthy Competition and Hills are Hard
  • ep. 45: Racing Season and Fears/Phobias

Trail Runner Nation

Conversations about the trail
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With an amazing library of over 500 episodes, there’s no shortage of audio content over at Trail Runner Nation. Episodes tie in coaches, athletes and more for a well-rounded look at the world of trail running and its peripheries.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 484: Tolerating the Transition – What to Expect on Race Day
  • ep. 522: Failure is Part of Success


Entertaining Wilderness Stories
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This podcast tackles entertaining wilderness adventure stories. Wildertainment weaves together audio pieces that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Episodes to try

  • Helicopter Crash Mountain Survival
  • ‘Shocking’ Mountaineering in Canada / Jimmy Chin Photoshoot

The Xterra Podcast powered by Braveheart Coaching

Highlighting endurance endeavours
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A relatively new player in the world of podcasts, Xterra Podcast powered by Braveheart Coaching is hosted by five-time off-road triathlon world champion Lesley Paterson and her husband, Dr. Simon Marshall. They talk with guests who enjoy epic outdoor adventures.

Episodes to try

  • ep. 9: The Science of Endurance with Dr. Alex Hutchinson
  • ep. 12: The Power of Endurance Sports

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