Canada’s Top Fitness Trainers 2018

Meet the IMPACT fitness pros who can change your life

If better health and fitness is at the top of your wish list this New Year, getting professional help caring for your body and mind could be the boost you need to say goodbye to failed resolutions. But where do you go to find the secret ingredient that can change your life? You might want a personal fitness trainer.

IMPACT is here to get the ball rolling for you. In our inaugural Canada’s Top Fitness Trainer feature, IMPACT asked readers in our metropolitan distribution areas of Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto who their favourite trainers were. We got 650 nominations, naming almost 150 of the best trainers in Canada. We surveyed those trainers, evaluated their qualifications and responses to series of questions on subjects that included their experience, fitness philosophy, success stories and community involvement. Enthusiasm of their nominators was also duly noted. In this issue we present the trainers who rose to the top of the chin-up bar.

A great personal trainer has combined their knowledge and passion to help clients find their best and make fitness and wellbeing important in their lives.

“A personal trainer and client develop a connection based on trust and values. There is accountability with both wanting to please the other,” says Jackie Cooney, of 4HireFitness, a service that links trainers with clients. Cooney helped evaluate the expert qualifications of our nominees. “A great trainer allows you to rise to new fitness levels so you believe you can conquer the world.”

A top-notch personal trainer will customize fitness programs for individuals or groups, motivate clients, monitor their progress and offer feedback on training and nutrition.

Selecting IMPACT’s “best” trainer was nigh-on impossible. Each trainer and each client form the bond that works for them and produces the best results. But from the feedback we received, there is no doubt the right combination of trainer and client will produce people who discover new strength and power, renewed confidence and better health.

Top Fitness Trainer Lists: