Sameer Khan is very excited that Only Oxygen will be manufactured and in full production in Canada by the end of the year. As President and Managing Director of the Canadian brand he wants to see the natural spring water in the market here so everyone can experience its amazing health benefits. Khan is a Food Scientist, with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the University of Manitoba, and so understands the process that Only Oxygen goes through from its source and into the hands of the consumer.

Only Oxygen is water that is oxygenated from a natural spring source. The natural bubbles deliver a high level of oxygen to blood cells which can have a healing and therapeutic effect on the body. Even when frozen or boiled it can maintain its quality and composition.

With no chemicals or additives, the product is 100 per cent natural. “There is no special ingredient in the water, just a unique Patented technology involved in the manufacturing process. This gives functionality to the water, making it easy to absorb into your system giving you the benefits of breathable oxygen,” says Khan.

Only Oxygen is the Canadian brother of Kure Oxygen which originates from the U.K. and has been in operation just over three years. In that time the product has expanded to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, the Caribbean (under the brand names Kure Oxygen, Just Oxygen and My Oxygen). Future plans include expansion into the Gulf Cooperation Council and Jordan soon.

Numerous clinical trials have been conducted in the U.K., working with health professionals from the National Health Service and naturopaths. Trials range from blood analysis – testing how quickly the oxygenated water enters the blood stream – to hydrotherapy sessions. Results have shown that consuming the water can improve blood flow, speed up the rate that oxygen enters the body and improve detoxification.

Athletes use Only Oxygen in their training, in hydrotherapy baths and as apart of their nutritional program. “The water is a natural source for electrolytes and so once they see what the oxygen can do to their performance, they come back for more,” says Khan.

In the U.K., the water is sourced from a spring in Cornwall in the west of England. It undergoes a four-stage filtration process to treat any nitrates before being oxygenated by nano oxygen bubble technology. These ultra fine bubbles are small oxygen bubbles that have unique properties making them different from the larger bubbles seen in a product that may be carbonated.

Only Oxygen will be manufactured on the west coast in B.C. and on the east coast, in Ontario and Montreal. Khan is delighted that the companies who will be manufacturing in Canada also have a natural spring source. “This is important for the sustainability of the product, and it means we can replicate the technology from the U.K.”

It will be manufactured for the domestic market and then for export. Khan’s focus is on sustainability, price, and awareness. In the U.K. Only Oxygen is packaged in plastic but in Canada it will be in 500 ml cans and glass bottles. The price will also be in the $2 – $2.50 range. “We want to get the product in the market in the most sustainable way and make it affordable for everyone by offering a premium product at a reasonable price.”

Clinical tests have found that maximum health benefits come from drinking two 500 ml cans/bottles a day. From testimonials the benefits range from alleviating arthritis, headaches, and migraines to improved skin care and athletic performance.

Khan believes that Only Oxygen will be a game changer in the spring water market. “It has a unique flavour with proven health benefits. We want to provide a product that is functionally beneficial to anyone who drinks it.”