A Minimalist At-Home Gym

We at IMPACT Magazine created a minimalist at-home gym at beautiful Crystal Creek Homes in Calgary, AB.

At home gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Putting together a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive, and working out at home right now can have many benefits when it comes to time and convenience. As well, home can be a pressure-free zone to work out when no one is looking! There is so much that you can do with a small space and a few cost-efficient pieces to give yourself a total body workout.

Here are some of our top selections from $9.95 to $299 that will give you a little of everything you’ll need to stay motivated and stay in shape at home. And don’t forget to grab those runners and head outside for a little fresh air and cardio to round things out.

Thank you to Crystal Creek Homes for allowing us access to the third story of their Inner City showhome located in Currie. Incredible, flexible space in this home beyond the four levels of living space, a home gym could also be accommodated in their unique carriage suite over the garage.

Location: Crystal Creek Homes
Model: Nathaniel Ernst, owner of NATEFIT.
Photos: Katy Whitt.

 Nathaniel Ernst uses A-BAR,
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left to Right: A-BAR, $179; Clothing courtesy Hub1916.

At Home Gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left: Fitterfirst Sup-R Band Single, $10; Fitterfirst Cando Klip, $10; Right: The Foot Collective Classic Beam 4′ with cradles, $170.

At home gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left to Right: Lebert EQualizer, $110-135 (USD); A-BAR, $179; MD Buddy Flaman Fitness Adjustable Step/Deck, $299; Fitterfirst Naboso Mind Body Mat, $155.

At home gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left to Right: Fitterfirst Classic Foam Roller, $35; Fitterfirst Duraball Classic Ball, $55.

At home gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left: Duonamic Eleviia Pull-Up System, $128; Duonamic PowrHolds, $102. Right: Lebert HIIT System, $110-$120 (USD).

Photo: Katy Whitt

Left to Right: AOR High quality supplements & products; Mountain Rhino Premix Vegan Cinnamon Buns, Vegan Chocolate Chip, $13 each; Xact Nutrition Disco Pack, $13; Grassy Lakes Creamery Cashew Cheeze, Probititc Cashew Yogurt, $13-14; Natur’el Tea Wild Blueberry Rooibos, Creamy Earl Grey, Daily Detox, $17-19.

At home gym
Photo: Katy Whitt

Left to Right: Rocky Mountain Tisane Variety 12 Pack, $35; Thomas Fresh Coconuts, dragon fruit, pomelos from $3.

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