Heart Fit Clinic

Assessments and treatments to prevent and reverse heart disease

Heart Fit Clinic
PHOTO: Diamond Fernandes, BSc, ACSM CES, CSCS. Photo: Graham McKerrell

I want people to live longer, happier and healthier,” says Diamond Fernandes, founder and director of Calgary’s Heart Fit Clinic – a source of proven treatments and assessments not found at your doctor’s office to prevent and reverse heart disease.

“Heart Fit does not deal with emergencies. Calgary has excellent cardiologists for that,” says Fernandes, a cardiac rehabilitation physiologist and author of the book, Beating Heart Disease. “Heart Fit exists to bridge the gap in our health system. It’s a source of help before and after medical intervention is required for a heart condition … before a stroke or heart attack … or after.”

Fernandes, says many people have a false sense of security about their heart health because they’re on medication, or they’ve seen a cardiologist and been told they’re okay… for now. This just means they don’t have advanced stages of heart disease.

“In fact, cardiologists are only concerned if there is a blockage of 80 percent or more, or if they are an emergency situation,” says Fernandes. “But the reality is that 68 percent of heart attacks and strokes happen due to ruptures in arteries with less than a 50 percent blockage. Just like a pimple would pop on your face, if this happens inside an artery, this is a heart attack.”

Accessing the Heart Fit clinic for screening that assesses your heart health is easy. A doctor’s referral is not required. Based on screening, the Heart Fit team of nurses and practitioners, led by Fernandes, can help you understand your own level of risk for heart attack or stroke. They also offer guidance and treatment that can strengthen the heart and improve blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol (without medication), blood flow and circulation.

“We can actually help you grow new arteries!” says Fernandes.

Along with lifestyle changes, Heart Fit uses External Counterpulsation to grow new arteries, and improve artery and heart function. They can also help you improve your personal fitness and performance, and decrease cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar.

“We help people prevent and reverse heart disease with our unique assessments and treatment options,” says Fernandes.

The only clinic of its kind in Canada, Heart Fit has treated thousands of people since 2007. A second Heart Fit is now open in Edmonton, and more will be opening in other Canadian cities in the near future.

Heart Fit Clinic

Suite 235, 10601 Southport Road SW, Calgary, AB T2W 3M6

Suite 116, 11910 – 111 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5G 0E5
Twitter @heartfitclinic Facebook @Heartfitclinics

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