Alberta Blue Cross

Alberta Blue Cross

Do you know what it takes to create a healthy workplace? A place where employees are thriving, physically and mentally? A place where leaders are fully engaged with wellness initiatives and understand how its value translates to greater performance?

Healthy workplaces will be the theme of the first Alberta Blue Cross Wellness Summit scheduled for Oct. 10 in Edmonton, AB.

“The summit will provide a fresh perspective on wellness practices,” explains Melanie Fuller, Director of Wellness for Alberta Blue Cross.

“The goal is to make attendees aware of successful prevention strategies and change mindsets. We hope to inspire unique wellness approaches and outcomes.”

Alberta Blue Cross has put an emphasis on wellness for the past few years.

“Wellness in the workplace is more than an on-site gym or an annual activity challenge,” Fuller says. “Healthy workplace culture requires an attitude shift to look at the culture of the people that make up the workplace. It’s a leadership commitment along with constant and consistent communication that truly impacts employee well-being and engagement.”

Summit organizers plan to limit attendance to about 300 people to provide a more personalized experience and give attendees a chance to meet the speakers in small group sessions.

Fuller says the goal of the conference is to shift old paradigms and encourage people to come together to develop partnerships and alliances to further the mission of wellness for all Albertans.

The Wellness Summit is open to anyone who is passionate about creating workplaces where people thrive. You’ll learn about thoughtful workplace wellness solutions to help adapt individual behaviours which are the driving force behind system-wide changes.

“We want people to leave the summit with practical knowledge,” says Fuller, “so they can integrate wellness practices into action and transform their workplace culture.”

Alberta Blue Cross

Alberta Blue Cross

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