Tips for making the most of your at-home virtual workout routine to continue achieving results

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Merrithew™ Lead Instructor Trainer Jennifer Dahl never expected her Pilates business to go entirely virtual, let alone flourish during a pandemic.

“I had no idea that people would get into virtual fitness so easily and that it would work out so well,” she says. “There were some technical difficulties to start, but now that we’ve got our system in place, people have really taken to it. I think some of them are getting an even more challenging experience at home!”

Jen estimates that about 80% of her clients will continue training virtually for the rest of 2020 and that the hybrid virtual and in-person fitness model will be the way of the future. That sentiment was echoed in research conducted by MindBody, a fitness software provider, which found that 43% of consumers expect to go back to their previous routines and continue following online videos and live streaming post-COVID-19.

But without the accountability and community at the studio or gym, how does one continue to get a great workout and keep their motivation up at home— for the long-term?

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Here are Jen’s tips for keeping fit, having fun and making the most of your virtual fitness experience:

  • Keep a fitness schedule: Write out your workout plan at the beginning of the week to keep you accountable. Schedule time to workout just like you would all your other commitments. “I also log everything I do physically, so I can see what workout I did on any given day. I do this so I can track and observe how my body felt in response and adapt my program accordingly.”
  • Choose variety: Follow different instructors on Instagram and elsewhere, and try out a range of online workouts to see what you like best. There are tons of affordable virtual fitness platforms to choose from to keep your routine fresh and exciting, just make sure you check out the instructor’s qualifications first. On Merrithew Connect, our new Pilates and mind-body streaming platform, you’ll find mindful movement, functional training and bodyweight workouts of different lengths and intensities from our Lead and Master Instructor Trainers. Best of all, you don’t get locked into a subscription. Just pay for what you want with our rent or buy-to-own model.
  • Take your at-home workout outside: If you have the opportunity to go outside, take advantage. “This could be as simple as bringing your phone to the park and following your virtual fitness there, or incorporating some planks, push-ups, step-ups and lunges into your walk,” Jen says. “I’ve noticed so many people exercising outdoors and getting really creative. A change of scenery goes a long way. Studios are bringing spin bikes outside; instructors are leading all sorts of workouts in parks. You can do so much with your own bodyweight or a few dumbbells and a mat in an outdoor setting.” 
  • Stay connected to your instructor: Most instructors and studios are continuing to offer some form of virtual training as they ramp up in-studio activities. Talk to them about how they can support your at-home practice. “I’m anticipating that in-person sessions will become a premium experience,” Jen says. “I think some clients will be interested in doing a combination where that in-person experience will help them maintain, fine-tune and complement their regular, day-to-day at-home practice.”
  • Find community online: If you’re missing the community atmosphere of group fitness classes, check out the many robust fitness communities that exist on social media. People are happy to share their fitness goals and achievements with each other. Check out Merrithew’s Instagram account for ideas and inspiration from our community around the world for your next workout.

Explore a new and more mindful way to move with Merrithew’s top Instructor Trainers on our streaming platform, Merrithew Connect™.

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