Rhythm Ride


Rhythm Ride

Looking for a revolutionary spin workout in Calgary? Rhythm Ride is the newest and coolest spin studio to arrive on the boutique fitness scene. Led by dynamic and magnetic instructors, Rhythm Ride is committed to delivering a truly unique indoor cycling experience. Since its opening in the fall of 2019, the fitness community has been giving this studio rave reviews!

First impressions matter. The first time you walk through the front door, you’ll love the vibe of Rhythm Ride, which is woven from multiple elements, including their passion for an inclusive environment, and a love of inspiring art, their soul-shaking good classes and local urban artists featured in the studio.

Rhythm Ride also includes free shoe rentals, so anyone looking to try spin for the first time, there is a Rookie Ride introductory class where they will teach you the basics including bike setup and basic spin choreography in a supportive environment.  After one class, you’ll be pedalling in the right direction! Rhythm Ride promises a judgement-free, body-positive vibe and is very passionate about fostering a love of fitness in every rider. You won’t find any mirrors in the spin room – you are here to feel, experience, and be inspired. The high-octane immersive spin experience led by a roster of passionate instructors will leave you wondering how a 55-minute class went by so fast and how you got so sweaty in such a short time.

Whether it’s the innovative Stages spin bikes or their booming sound system that would make even Cardi B proud, you will be ready and motivated and excited for your next session! Come for the workout, stay for the high energy, and return for the culture.  Whether you come by for a drop-in class or pick up a pass, you’ll leave the studio with a badge of honor – a newly minted member of the Rhythm Collective. And that’s worth a spin.

Bring this ad in for a free first class (New clients only).

Instagram: @rhythm.ride

Ride With Us: 508 17th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2S 0B1

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