Just Say Yes

Take affirmative action to make 2018 your best year ever

Just Say Yes
Illustration: Vance Rodewalt

Have you ever had one of those years where you look back and say it was one of your best ever? Well, I’m having one.

It started when a friend on Facebook tagged me to participate in a challenge. I’m sure you have all seen these things. People do a certain task for a number of days and each day they nominate a new person. I enjoy watching, but rarely do I partake. Well this time, I said yes and I started my 22 push-up PTSD challenge for 22 days.

Near the same time, I was also nominated for a body challenge. Usually I just shake my head, but not this time. I decided to say, “what could go wrong” and off I went on a body challenge for 16 weeks.

In the middle of this, I was planning a family vacation for spring break. I was super fortunate to win two tickets anywhere WestJet flies and now we had to use them. We were dreaming of Costa Rica but when I started to add up all the costs for a family of four, I started to balk at the idea. Then something inside me said, “Just say yes.” So we booked our trip and headed south in March.

I’m a triathlon coach and had an athlete qualify for the 2017 70.3 world championships at a race in Ireland. I told him, if I could, I would try to qualify and race with him. During a race in Hawaii, I placed high enough to qualify. Signing up was not easy. Once again, I was scared to do so. Cost, time, training… I listened to that voice inside me and it said, “Just say yes.” So, I signed up.

I have an athlete named Johan who signed up for the Moab 240 endurance run. In the spring Johan mentioned he and his buddy, Kevin, were going to run the Grand Canyon as part of their training and asked if I wanted to come. I said yes.

After a busy year of travel and racing, another athlete of mine, named Ian, said “Hey let’s run a marathon and qualify for Boston in 2019.” At first I said, “Are you crazy? I can’t do that, look at all that I have done.” I then listened to that voice again and said yes.

After the marathon Johan asked, “Hey, Todd, want to be our support crew down in Moab?” I said yes.

I recently watched a concert in Edmonton with my brother. I have not been to a concert with him in years. He asked and I said yes.

If I had not said yes to IMPACT editor Chris Welner, following a local 5K I would not have had the opportunity to write this article.

We all make decisions and have opportunities every day. Some decisions are easy and some difficult. When you find yourself questioning what you should do, I challenge you to just say “yes!” What could go wrong?