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Canada's Top Fitness Instructors

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Canada's Top Fitness Instructors

From barre classes to boxing, a good fitness instructor can make or break your fitness experience. Expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and a supportive environment will encourage you to work hard and help you achieve your goals while enjoying the process along the way. We want to find and recognize some of those outstanding fitness instructors from across Canada!

Selected instructors will be profiled in our January/February 2021 Inspiration Issue as one of IMPACT Magazine’s Canada’s Top Fitness Instructors.

2021 nominations are now closed.  Thank you for nominating your favourite instructor!

Judging / Scoring

All potential nominees will be contacted by email in November for screening. Nominees will be required to submit additional information to be scored and judged by our expert panel. To narrow down the nominations and make the process fair and impartial, all instructors will be ranked based on the same series of criteria with a range of points given to each category (years of experience, education, community involvement, etc.) Each entry is scored anonymously by our panel of fitness industry experts to keep the process as unbiased as possible. The total number of nominations received for a single instructor does not affect the outcome of our scoring system. This is not a contest to be won by votes!

Previous Features

Each year the feature alternates focus between one-on-one personal trainers and group fitness instructors to ensure everyone in the fitness community is included and can be fairly scored. See below for our previously featured Top Fitness Trainers and Instructors in Alberta, British Columbia and Eastern Canada.