Low-Impact Fitness Home Workout

A fun 30-minute workout with a new twist on the basics to get your next at-home workout moving

Hannah Fletcher
IMPACT Magazine's Canada's Top Fitness Trainer Hannah Fletcher. Photo: Sewari Campillo

The Pandemic has so many of us in situations where we have less access to equipment than before. Without equipment, you may notice your workouts start to feel the same. The good news is, if you still are feeling unsure or uncomfortable about what else you could do, there are plenty of online personal training options. A trainer will not only tailor the workouts to your needs and goals, but will also keep the workouts fresh, diverse and challenging. We always have new ideas for you!


9 minutes performing 20 seconds of each exercises including:

Bridges, dead bugs, planks, supermans, lateral lunges, inch worm to plank walk outs, spider man lunges with T-spine rotation, air squats, single leg hip hinges.

Workout Intervals

20 minutes:

  • 30 seconds #1, 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds #1, 30 seconds #2 (RIGHT), 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds #1, 30 seconds #2 (LEFT), 30 seconds #3, 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds #1, 30 seconds #2 (RIGHT), 30 seconds #3, 30 seconds #4, 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds #1, 30 seconds #2 (LEFT), 30 seconds #3, 30 seconds #4, 30 seconds #5, 30 seconds rest

Then repeat pattern from the top with the exercise numbers in reverse order.

Squat with OverHead Press into Tricep Extension
Photo: Sewari Campillo

1. Squat with OverHead Press into Tricep Extension

Stand in an athletic stance with feet slightly wider than hip width. Begin by bringing dumbells to your shoulders.

Sit back and down into a squat, keeping feet planted and knees pulled slightly outward.

As you come back up, start to press your arms straight overhead. Keep core tight and a micro-bend through the legs at the top of the motion.

Hold this overhead press position while bending your arms at the elbows to extend the dumbbells down behind your head for a tricep extension. 

Push your arms back to the overhead press position and bring the weights back to shoulders, then repeat from the start.

Elevated Lateral Lunge with OverHead Press
Photo: Sewari Campillo

2. Elevated Lateral Lunge with OverHead Press

With your dumbbells on your shoulders, start in a wide-leg stance with one foot elevated on a sturdy stool or step that won’t slide.

Reach your hips back as you begin the lunge and bend your leg on one side. Keep the knee behind the toe on this exercise. As you come back to standing press your arms up over your head.

Repeat all of your reps on the same side until the next round.

Note: Beginners should do this exercise without elevating the foot to start.

Renegade Row
Photo: Sewari Campillo

3. Renegade Row

Start in a plank with your hands either on the dumbbells or the floor. To keep the hips from tilting to one side, consider widening your foot stance.

Keep your hips and shoulders parallel to the floor and find your balance on one arm. From this one-arm plank position, pull the other arm back into a row and repeat.

You can regress this exercise by doing it from a knee plank.

Jefferson Squat with Dumbbell Punch
Photo: Sewari Campillo

4. Jefferson Squat with Dumbbell Punch

With the weights pulled into your shoulders, start in an athletic stance. Take a small step and pivot back with one foot. Keep your knees and toes pointed slightly outward in the same direction to prepare for the squat.

Lower your arms and rotate your trunk slightly so that the arm toward the back foot goes behind the body and the other arm is in front of the body.

Reach the hips back as you lower into the Jefferson squat. As you come back up from the squat, return the dumbbells to the shoulders and bring the back foot forward again. Keeping a micro-bend through the legs and the core tight, punch out each arm with the dumbbell. Repeat this combo on the same side until the next round.

Deadlift with Row into Squat
Photo: Sewari Campillo

5. Deadlift with Row into Squat

With your feet hip-width apart, hold the dumbbells at the side or front of your legs and stand up tall. While keeping your spine straight, hinge your hips back and bend the legs slightly as needed so your hamstrings, glutes and core are engaged.

Hold this position, and do a dumbbell row where you squeeze your shoulder blades together towards the spine. From here, return your arms to the side or front of your legs and squeeze your glutes and hamstrings to stand tall again..

Curl the weights to your shoulders and reach your hips back into a parallel squat before repeating.

*** Apparel courtesy Puma.

Photography by Sewari Campillo

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