No Half Measures

Photo: Neil Zeller

So you signed up for a half-marathon and are asking how you got yourself into this. Perhaps a co-worker convinced you it was a good idea. Was it a New Year’s resolution? Maybe you just want to be in fantastic shape for the zombie apocalypse. Remember rule No. 1 — cardio. And the best way to build your cardio is to run.

Whatever the reason you have decided to run a half-marathon, don’t fret, we will have you outrunning those zombies in no time. This training plan is designed for runners looking to complete their first half-marathon without training taking over their lives. As a base you should be able to run 10K in around 70 minutes comfortably.


  • Mondays alternate between rest days and easy run days. On the easy run days make sure not to push the pace. You are meant to be recovering from your long run while still getting in some time on your legs.
  • Tuesdays are a regular run day. The pace should be easy enough that you can carry on a conversation with your running partner. Every third Tuesday includes hills. This type of hill training helps to build strength and allows you to work on hill running technique. The first two sessions should be done at 1,500-metre pace and the longer ones should be done at 3K pace. This will act as your recovery. Check out IMPACT’s pace calculator in this issue or calculators online to help determine your pace. Once you reach the top of the hill jog back down slowly.
  • Wednesday is a cross train or rest day. Cross training can be anything that doesn’t involve running.
  • Thursdays are another regular run day. The pace should be the same as Tuesday.
  • Friday is a cross training or running day. Do whatever suits your fancy.
  • Saturday is a complete rest day. Sleep in and relax.
  • Sunday is your long run day. These are the most important runs in the training plan. Do not skip these. Sunday is for LSD (long slow distance) runs. Run at a pace that allows you to slow down marginally toward the end.

Consistency is key. The mandatory run days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you can consistently fit those runs into your schedule you will be crossing the finish line of your first half-marathon in 16 short weeks.

DOWNLOAD: Printable .PDF plan.