The Best Fitness Apps

Whatever your preferred fitness style, there’s an app to get you moving

Fitness Apps

Whether you want to join a virtual fitness class, spin it out in your home cycling studio or follow along using your phone at the gym, there’s an app for you. They can track your workouts, help you connect with like-minded athletes, provide coaching and count your calories. Here are some of the best and most popular apps on the market.

Do Some Yoga

Asana Rebel
Combines yoga with HIIT, Pilates and general fitness. Short, inspiring workouts that will get you results. Free

Work Out with Others

Select your favourite sport and goals and Flöckbud helps you find your flock. Meet local athletes and make progress together. Build your own training program, invite friends or join local workouts. Free

Get Intense

Guides you through short, high intensity workouts. Tracks progress and scores. Good for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to exercise. Subscription

Try a Class

Live streaming and on-demand fitness classes led by top trainers. A wealth of class options means there is something for everyone. Free

Monitor Weight Training

Tracks weight training progress in the gym, connects with other users. Personalized routines you can analyze and track. Free basic app – Subscription for full app

Train with a Coach

Pear Sports
Coach-guided workouts for various fitness levels and intensities. Dynamic, interactive and available in real time. Free basic app – Subscription for full app

Get Running

Couch to 5K
Training plans from virtual coaches for easing into running. Thirty minutes, three times per week for nine weeks will get you to the starting line. Free

Go Cycling

Offers virtual rides with other cyclists on indoor trainers. Compete or train in your house. Work with an online community that will motivate you to succeed. Subscription

Workout while Travelling

Personalized workout plans to fit the limitations of hotel gyms. Don’t let travel hijack your fitness routine. Subscription

If You’re Short on Time

Choose a time from 1 – 90 minutes and you’ll get a workout ranging from strength training to yoga. Great for people who have a few minutes free here and there. Free with In-app purchases available