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ewool Heated Glove Liners

Plug-into Unparalleled Hand Heating

With three heat settings, the ewool® heated glove liner outperforms as a standalone on cold, dry days but also layers easily in more demanding conditions under any pair of gloves. ewool® • Heated Glove Liners...

Cleansing & Skincare Body Wipes – Organic and Biodegradable!

Reduce post-sweat prep-time without compromising your skincare routine. Rasaa Cleansing & Skincare towels are formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients that effectively and efficiently cleanse, deodorize, and enhance the look and feel of your...
Banff Sunshine Village

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

This holiday season treat the skier or snowboarder on your list to Canada’s Best Snow with a Banff Sunshine Super Card. For just $99, your special skier or snowboarder will enjoy deep discounts all...
Run Calgary

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge!

Choose your own adventure when you sign up for Winter Moves, a new 90-day challenge created by Run Calgary. From the first day of winter to the last, move outside for 80 hours to...
Many Chief Tours

Explore Calgary’s Indigenous History This Winter

The Mohkinstsis Tour Gift Box includes 2 passes for a walking tour of Calgary's St. Patrick's Island with an Indigenous guide from Many Chief Tours. The box also includes a sweet grass braid, a...
Grassy Lakes Cheese

Charcuterie-Platter Perfect

Grassy Lakes Creamery believes your food should be like nature: Natural. That is why their plant-strong cheeses and cultured yogurts are aged using a living probiotic over a period of 36 hours, rather than...
Rocky Mountain Tisane

Craft Beverage that Delivers on Taste, with Zero Calories

Quench your thirst and nourish your soul with effervescent Rocky Mountain water, cold-brew infused with organic herbal tea. No sugar, no sweeteners, zero calories – simply natural ingredients and the robust, crisp flavours of...
Singles Apparel

Headwear That Starts a Conversation

Support a Canadian start-up! Singles Apparel, a company designed to help the wonderful single people in our cities find companionship. Wearing their apparel indicates that you're single and open/looking for conversation and partnership. A...
Black Sheep Mattress - Pillow

The Perfect Natural Pillow

Natural latex pillows are amazingly supportive and sleep surprisingly cool. These pillows are made from 100% natural latex with an organic cotton cover. Available in a variety of heights and firmnesses, they are a...
Heart Print Blanket

Get Ready to Camp Cozy

Give the gift of coziness this winter! SMRT Tent has curated a selection of locally sourced adventure gear inspired by the Canadian explorer, from camp supplies to blankets that are sure to warm your...
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At home gym

A Minimalist At-Home Gym

Putting together a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive, and working out at home right now can have many benefits when it comes...
Jesse Labreck Using the Duonamic Eleviia

A New Portable Pull-Up Bar System Takes the Industry By Storm...

The Duonamic Eleviia is a versatile, portable pull-up bar system mounts quickly to any door frame allowing you to add pull-ups to your home gym or workout space without damaging any surfaces.
Genesis Centre Exterior

Genesis Centre – The Heart of Northeast Calgary

As a charitable organization, the Genesis Centre's mission is to be “the hub of the community – bridging people in shared celebration, learning, and...
At-Home Yoga Studio

Building an At-Home Yoga Studio

With a small office space (78 sq. ft.) as our starting point, we wanted to show our readers that you don’t need a massive...

Run with IMPACT Unisex Toque

Stay warm and be very cool this winter with our unisex RUN WITH IMPACT toque! Whether you're out adventuring in the great outdoors, heading...