5 Tips for Better Health

Being healthy and happy shouldn't feel complicated


Being healthy and happy shouldn’t feel complicated. The moment your happiness and health start feeling complicated, stop and take inventory. It shouldn’t feel overwhelming, stressful or like a chore.

Here are my 5 basic ideas to be healthy and happy!

  1. Drink Water. Not juice, pop, beer, vitamin drinks nor chocolate milk.
  2. Move More. We were built to move. If that is yoga, Zumba, walking, running, strength training… don’t complicate it. Just move more.
  3. Eat Protein At Every Meal. You will balance your blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings and have way more energy. Protein comes in beans, fish, steak, nuts, seeds — whatever you enjoy.
  4. Sleep More. This is so important and one I struggle with. Only at rest can your body heal and repair.
  5. Eat More Veggies. Become more energetic and feel like a rock star by eating more veggies. When you fill your plate with the good stuff, you won’t have room for the not so good stuff — same for your thoughts, friendships and relationships.


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