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Repsol Sport Centre

The Beautiful Thing About Fitness Is…

It’s very unique from one person to another It’s a journey that is never static. YOU can constantly transform – YOU have complete control – YOU can shape this process – YOU can take advantage of it.

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Tri & Endurance Club Pass

Join other like-minded athletes in a fresh club atmosphere and train with some of the best coaches in the business. – all for only $210/month for Non Members. Your goals are worth it!

Meet Our Media Ambassadors

The Centre’s community begins with loyal members and is multiplied tenfold by the dedication of the family of brand ambassadors. These local celebrity on air personalities have earned the respect of fellow members and staff as they sweat it out under the tent and share the highs and lows of their fitness journeys through membership, and training opportunities. They help the Centre strengthen its reputation, extend its marketing reach, and target specific demographics.

The buzz and cultural impact the Centre receives from their genuine word of mouth advertising endorsing the Centre’s offerings and touting us as their favourite gym, is priceless. Repsol Sport Centre is super proud of this crew, and being the only facility in Calgary with a successful media ambassador program.

Check out our what they are up to now.