Time For Consistency

Short, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for quick results

Time For Consistency

Lack of time is one of the biggest challenges when trying to stay consistent with fitness. What most people don’t know is that five or six 15 to 20 minute HIIT workouts a week can yield more results than three, one-hour sessions in a gym. Consistency is key to improving your fitness.

This short, high intensity workout can be modified for all fitness levels and requires little equipment. Although this workout is quick, remember to keep each rep slow and focus on good form to ensure safety and effectiveness.


30 seconds each exercise:

  • High Knees – walking in place and running in place
  • Butt Kicks – walking in place and running in place
  • Slow Mountain Climbers
  • Straight Standing Kicks

The Workout

3 Rounds: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest per exercise

1. Low Squat with Bicep Curl & Standing Tricep Extension

  • Intermediate: Holding a dumbbell in each hand, squat down and hold position at bottom while completing 10 bicep curls, resting elbows inside knees, not on top of quads. Return to standing position with knees slightly bent and do 10 tricep extensions, facing elbows forward.
  • Beginner: Complete a single squat and do bicep curls standing.
  • Advanced: Increase dumbbell weight.

2. Single Leg Kettlebell Straight Leg Deadlift & One Arm Row

Time For Consistency
  • Intermediate: Stand on left foot with a kettlebell in left hand, extending right leg out behind you and leaning torso forward 90 degrees. Keep kettlebell close to support leg and drive elbow up as high as possible in a rowing motion before standing. Repeat 25 seconds per side.
  • Beginner: Standing two leg deadlifts for the full 50 seconds.
  • Advanced: Stand on bosu while completing exercise.

3. Medicine Ball Side Squat

Time For Consistency
  • Intermediate: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and medicine ball held above head. Keep core tight and squat down, bringing medicine ball down to outside of knee, keeping arms straight and not allowing knees to drop inward. Reverse movement to start position and alternate side for next rep.
  • Beginner: Bend arms slightly to allow for bicep assistance.
  • Advanced: Lower slowly and ascend quickly.

4. Mountain Climber & Single Leg ‘Headstand’

  • Intermediate: In a plank, position your head past your hands with elbows slightly bent, bum down and back flat. Bring one knee towards elbows, alternating left and right, keeping head up with a neutral spine for 20 reps. Push into downward dog and raise one leg high, keeping it as straight as possible. Hold for 3 seconds. Alternate legs on next set.
  • Beginner: Keep mountain climbers slow with no leg raise.
  • Advanced: Increase mountain climber speed and add shoulder presses during leg raise.

5. Single Leg Side Squats

  • Intermediate: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with weight through heels, chest up, and arms up, fingertips touching ears. Raise one leg 90 degrees to the side and hold 5 seconds. Return to ground, and squat, hold 5 seconds. Alternate legs.
  • Beginner: Reduce range of motion. Hands on hips for balance.
  • Advanced: Add dumbbells, held at shoulder height to ensure proper body alignment.