Yoga for Balance

These balancing yoga poses will work your whole body

Christie Baumgartner
Photo: Ronald Lee

Fall is all about finding balance between fun and getting back into our routine. These intermediate balancing postures help keep our core stability strong so we stay aligned on our mat and in life.

Crow pose


Balance in a low squat on the block with your bum on your heels and your knees wide.

Tuck your outer upper arms to the insides of your shins, just below your knees and then plant your palms on your mat just under your elbows.

Squeeze your shins tightly against your outer arms and hug your arms in towards your midline.

With a little weight shift forward, and a slight lift of your hips, try to balance with your feet off the block and point your toes back.

Crow Pose
Photo: Ronald Lee

Flying pigeon Pose

eka pada galavasana

From standing, create a figure four shape with your right ankle over your left thigh just above the knee, and then bend your supporting leg as if you were sitting in a chair. Reach both arms up.

Bend forward and wrap your upper arms around your shin and ankle. Use your right foot like a hook to squeeze tightly around your upper left arm. Keep that secure grip with your foot by flexing your ankle. As you lean forward, plant your hands on the mat or blocks.

As you lean forward, planting your hands on the mat, shift your weight forward until you are balancing on the ball of your left foot.

Keep shifting the weight forward until you can lift your left foot to your bum, and then extend your left leg straight behind you into the full pose.

Repeat with other side.

Dancing Shiva Pose

Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana

Start standing in mountain pose (Tadasana). Gather your right leg into your chest using both hands.

Grab the outer edge of the right foot (or the knee to modify if you have tight hamstrings) with your left hand and straighten your leg in front of you.

Raise your right arm to help elongate your spine and then reach that arm behind you to create the twist.

As you find your balance, turn your gaze over your shoulder towards your right hand.

Repeat with left side.

Half-Moon Bow Pose

Ardha chandra chapasana

From the top of your mat, step your left foot back with toes pointing to the long edge of your mat, front foot pointing to the top of the mat.

Right leg is bent so that the thigh is parallel to the floor with your knee over your ankle, and right hand is on a block outside your front foot.

Step your back foot halfway up the mat and stagger your right hand forward in front of your foot onto a block.

As you transition your weight into your front leg and lift your back leg, adjust your right hand under your shoulder and onto a block.

If you can, bend your left leg in towards your chest and catch your left ankle and then kick the leg straight behind you to create a deep quad stretch.

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