Ready, Set, Train!

8 Tips to ensure you don’t miss a workout

Ready, Set, Train!

We all want to look and feel our best but sometimes lose motivation or make excuses that prevent us from achieving our fitness goals. It’s time to excuse-proof your workout regimen and here are eight tips to help keep you on track.

    1. Get action-packed: Keep a packed gym bag in your car; you’ll be far less inclined to skip the gym on the way home from work.
    2. Partner up: Make a commitment, keep things fun and increase your accountability.
    3. Book an event: Having an event in your calendar brings more purpose and momentum to your training regimen as each workout prepares you to accomplish your goal, whether it’s a 5K obstacle race or a marathon.
    4. Spice it up: Try one different workout, class or activity monthly. Changing the stimulus regularly is key to maintaining motivation and attaining results.
    5. Set benchmarks: Having tangible fitness markers on what’s important to you provides a starting point and allows you to track progress.
    6. Go to bed ready: Try sleeping in your workout gear and placing your runners beside your bed. Wake up and get moving!
    7. Get tech: Using an activity tracker can provide a stimulus to keep you pushing towards daily and weekly activity goals.
    8. Exercise first: Getting your workout in before your day gets hectic is one of the best ways to ensure you not only make it happen, but also energize yourself to tackle the day.


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