Is Your Sports Bra Holding Back Your Performance?

Run without distraction in the new Brooks run bra that combines science and comfort

Brooks Dare Collection

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded ‘bra distraction’ scenario.’ It involves an ill-fitting bra that distracts your attention from running and focuses it instead on chafing, pinching, creeping, and bouncing boobs which can be painful and annoying.

This takes away from the enjoyment of running and, worst of all, it can rob you of precious time! Studies have proven that women who run in an uncomfortable bra shorten their stride by up to 4 cm. Over the length of a marathon, that’s like running an extra mile!

Brooks Dare Collection

“The research was pretty surprising,” says Brooks Senior Apparel Product Line Manager, Julianne Ruckman. “Brooks is a running company so we decided to step away from producing multi-purpose sports bras and instead, focus in on developing the best collection of run bras on the market.”

“We started by asking women what frustrated them about sports bras,” explains Ruckman, “and we wanted to know what features they liked. The biggest finding was that women want to run distraction-free. They don’t want to be constantly adjusting their bra. They want to enjoy the experience of running and get in the zone – without the annoyance of an ill-fitting or unsupportive bra.”

Brooks Dare Collection

In addition to getting direct feedback from runners, Brooks worked with the University of Portsmouth in the U.K. conducting biomechanical research on how running affects breast motion.

Using a combination of feedback and science, Brooks spent nearly three years developing its new Dare Collection – a selection of run bras that provide the best possible comfort and support to make a difference in performance.

Brooks Dare Collection

Each run bra offers a distraction-free design featuring seamless finishing, technical fabric and full adjustability that add up to an amazing product.

Julianne RuckmanSenior Apparel Product Line Manager

In addition, the Dare Collection features a proven combination of motion reduction and comfort across a wide range of body types and breast tissues. And, built-in cups provide smooth coverage and added support for each breast, eliminating the uni-boob look that shelf-type sports bras create.

“We’re really proud of this new product and the ingenuity it took to create it,” says Ruckman.

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