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Better Workday Posture with the Pro Plus 30™ Varidesk

Enjoy better posture, productivity and overal health with this compact standing-desk solution. It is an easy and effective way to change the way you work. Adjusts instantly between 11 heights for easy ergonomic set up for all sizes of users. Make computer time Healthier time for you and your family!

Fitterfirst • Pro Plus 30™ Varidesk – Value $400

Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini & Cubii Jr Under Desk Elliptical
Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini & Cubii Jr Under Desk Elliptical

Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini – The World’s Best Home Massage Unit

This is a game changer. It is the smallest, lightest, and quietest muscle massager ever! Weighting only 1 pound with 3 frequencies (1600 to 2800 percussions per minute) and 40 pounds stall force. Includes case, 4 heads, charger and 4 hour battery life. Your muscles will love you for this holiday gift.

Fitterfirst • Jawku Muscle Blaster Mini– Value $180

Cubii Jr Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii Jr allows you to work out with the added stability of being seated. The patented ergonomic angle makes it possible to work out even if you do not have full range of motion of your joints. Move your legs even if standing is difficult and build muscle strength over time.

Fitterfirst • Cubii Jr Under Desk Elliptical – Value $399

Smart Quickfit Tubing Workout Kit & Naboso Activation Insoles

Smart Quickfit Tubing Workout Kit – Great For Your Home Gym!

This kit contains all the handy tools you need for resistance training at home or on the go, complete with carry bag. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer or get a gift for yourself. This is a great way to add strengthening, toning and aerobic exercises to your holiday season.

Fitterfirst • Smart Quickfit Tubing Workout Kit – Value $69

Naboso Activation Insoles – For At Work or The Gym

Designed by a Doctor to stimulate and strengthen your feet while improving posture, balance and reducing fatigue. Thin enough to fit in any shoe on top of existing arch supports or orthotics, improving postural awareness and balance when standing and walking. Most importantly, they feel great under your feet! Makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

Fitterfirst • Naboso Activation Insoles – Value $70

Fitterfirst Fitness Package

Quik Fit Smart Tubing Kit with 3 cables, handles and a door hook – PLUS – a pair of Naboso Neuro Activator Insoles!

Fitterfirst • Quik Fit Smart Tubing Kit & Naboso Neuro Activator Insoles – Value $144

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