Golden Ultra

Photo: Golden Ultra

Golden is a prime spot for your next trail running adventure. Read more

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TranSelkirks Run

Photo: Bruno Long

Heading into its third year, the TranSelkirks Run takes place August 25-29, 2019 in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia. Read more

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Black Spur Ultra

Photo: Black Spur Ultra

Push your limits at the Black Spur Ultra on August 24-25, 2019. Read more

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Kat Clewley

Photo: Dale Tidy

Don’t Laugh. Running backwards is good for you. Read more


Use these training tips to stay injury-free in the long run. Read more

Sports Medicine

Can a VO2max test help improve your performance? Read more


Running Strong and Fast

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Weight training for runners to increase strength and speed! Read more


What if lactic acid is really on our side? Read more

Get Active

Like Cinderella’s glass slipper, there’s a perfect running shoe out there for you. Read more


Hilary Haliburton

Photo: Britton Ledingham

Focus on physical activity a key to recovery for runner Hilary Haliburton. Read more

Athletes with IMPACT

Mindfulness has moved into the mainstream and studies are showing it can have positive benefits ranging from reduced anxiety to improving the body’s immune response. Read more


Learning to accept healthy discomfort and think more flexibly can give you a real edge in your training. Read more


5 KM, 10 KM, half and full marathon training plans. Read more

Training Plans

Too much or too little water can derail your run and cause real problems. Read more

, Health & Wellness

Follow these suggestions to keep running into the future. Read more


Keep your running strong and healthy by adding these to your diet. Read more

Health & Wellness

Try one of these routes recommended by running clubs in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto. Read more


Dayna Pidhoresky

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Runner Dayna Pidhoresky sets a marathon goal for 2019. Read more

Cover Stories

Band For The Run

Photo: Katy Whitt

Resistance is Not Futile! Read more


The 16th annual Mississauga Marathon is back, taking place May 3rd to 5th, 2019. Read more

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  • Running Cadence

    Photo: Dan Chabert

    Running Cadence

  • Running Buddies

    Photo: Imran Kamrudin

    Running Buddies

  • Melissa Bishop

    Photo: Tricia Zaremba

    Melissa Bishop

  • Running Buddies Foxtrotters

    Photo: Imran Kamrudin

    Running Buddies Foxtrotters

  • Running Buddies

  • Running Buddies

    Photo: Chris Welner

    Running Buddies