Victoria Marathon

Photo: Matt Cecill

Preparations are underway for this year's event on October 7th 2018 in the heart of the city. more

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Marathon Walk Star

Photo: Sewari Campillo

Surrey’s Ted Myrah walks away from depression, diabetes & obesity. more

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Register now for this amazing weekend of fitness and fun more



Photo: Howard Tanner

Mother of blind teen filled with gratitude. more

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Trevor Hofbauer

Photo: Farhad Omarzad

Trevor Hofbauer testing limits that reach higher every day. more

Cover Stories

Training Plan - Marathon/Ultra

Illustration: Russ Tudor

Training specificity dials in exactly what you need to succeed on race day. more

Training Plans

Twelve years of fundraising has gone an incredibly long way more


Tune in this Sunday, October 22nd, for all the excitement more


Banff Marathon

Photo: Pam Doyle

Sign up for one of the most scenic marathons out there. more

What's Going On

Photo: Golden Ultra

Photo: Golden Ultra

3-day stage race quickly becoming a Canadian classic more

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Victoria Marathon

Photo: Run Vancouver Island

Experience an official Canada 150 event this Thanksgiving! more

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Running Cadence

Photo: Dan Chabert

Focus on strides per minute can help perfect running form. more


Stephen Park

Photo: Neil Zeller

Accountant Stephen Park adds up epic marathons journey on every continent in one week. more

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Radical Running Shoe Reviews

Photo: Jenia Kos

Minimalist Index can guide safe transition to new footwear. more


The Secret Marathon

Photo: The Secret Marathon

Race to be free lifts Afghan women. more


Alissa St. Laurent

Photo by: Greg Southam

Alissa St. Laurent making waves in world of ultramarathons. more

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IMPACT Training Plans

Illustration: James Sparkman

Winning strategies for your best race. more

, Training Plans

Marathon Training Plan

Photo: Canada Running Series

18 weeks that will prepare you for running glory. more

Training Plans

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    Dave Holland Dave Holland/Canadian Sport Institute Calgary


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    Dave Holland Dave Holland/Canadian Sport Institute Calgary