July/August 2019 - The Summer Issue

Summer Vacations

Photo: Nathan Cowley

Maintain your fitness level anywhere with a little ingenuity. Read more


There are several advantages to exercising in the water. Read more


Just The Bare Fruit Tarts

Photo: Emily von Euw

A burst of colour, flavour and natural sweetness. Read more


Superfood Ice Cream Parfait

Photo: Nikki Lefler

A dairy-free, vegan treat packed with nutrition. Read more



Photo: Lauren Toyota

A refreshing lunch any day of the week, or delicious side to add to your next creative dish. Read more


Black Bean Burger

Photo: Maria Koutsogiannis

These tasty burgers will be the star of your party this summer. Read more


Terikayi Mushroom Burgers

Photo: Jasmine Briones

The perfect addition to a backyard gathering. Read more


Cauliflower Burgers

Photo: Jasmine Briones

Ignite your taste buds with delicious portobello ‘buns’. Read more


Find out why a raw food diet might be the real deal for you. Read more

Healthy Eating

How to enhance the collagen you already have. Read more

Healthy Eating


Photo: Bryce Sebastian

Make a splash this summer with one of the fastest-growing water sports. Read more

Get Active

Fix these common freestyle errors to become a better swimmer. Read more

Get Active

Improve your confidence, achieve goals and feel empowered. Read more

Get Active

Maybe it’s time to cross the floor to the weights? Read more

Get Active

Trail Running

Photo: Matt Cecill

7 Tips for switching to trails this summer. Read more


David Harris

Photo: Dave Laus

Preventing suicide among youth has become a mission for runner David Harris. Read more

Athletes with IMPACT

Bev Watson

Photo: Shaun Robinson

Bev Watson's love of competing stronger than cancer. Read more

Athletes with IMPACT

Sheldon Smith

Photo: Graham McKerrell

Calgarian Sheldon Smith transforms from couch potato to ultra-runner. Read more

Athletes with IMPACT

Haley Daniels

Photo: Mason Neufeld

Women’s sports are gaining ground. Read more


Don’t shrug off shoulder pain, avoid it with these tips. Read more

Sports Medicine