July/August 2018 - The Summer Issue

Shining A Light On Anorexia

Photo: Hung Lee

Fighting the unrealistic image of girls portrayed in society. more

Health & Wellness

Kiwi Mint Parfait

Photo: Moments Marketing

A delicious summer dessert! more


Poor health habits cut life short after marriage ends. more


Hot Summer Fun

Photo: Diana Lee

Let our top 5 picks help you discover a new fitness passion. more

Cover Stories

8 Potluck recipes worth sharing. more


Work space that works. more

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Serena Williams

Photo: Nike

Tennis legend stands proud for women. more

Cover Stories

Kyle Williams

Photo: Adam Deunk

Cross Canada cyclist Kyle Williams stares down addiction through the power of fitness. more

Athletes with IMPACT

Baked Falafel Sliders With Hemp Tabbouleh and Maple Tahini Sauce

Photo: hotforfood

With hemp tabbouleh and maple tahini sauce. more


Let's Work Together

Photo: Neil Zeller

Building glutes & core muscles set up your foundation for life. more


You Can Find Me At The Club

Photo: Heather Parkinson

Discover your tribe and get fit with group exercise. more

, Get Active

Gliding Into Fitness

Photo: Denise Militzer

Slippery disk exercises help recruit small muscles and engage your core. more

Get Active

Hit The Trail Running!

Photo: Michael Overbeck

7 tips to get you off the pavement and onto the single-track. more


Lisa Madill

Photo: Charles Hope

Lisa Madill, mother of homicide victim hits the gym to cope with grief. more

Athletes with IMPACT

Action you can take to help ward off deadly disease. more

, Health & Wellness

Broccoli Potato Tots

Photo: Jeannine Elder

Scale up this recipe so no one misses out on these delicious tots. more


These businesses are built on solid values and excellent products and services. more

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IMPACT's team of trailblazers helps you find the best fit. more


Tips for keeping skin healthy during the summer. more



Photo: Logan Johnson

Expanding the definition of “healthy”. more