Joanne Sasvari

Matt Hill

Photo: Mitchell Parsons

Actor Matt Hill has an inspirational message that gets kids off the sofa and running for fun. more

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Beast Mode Grandma

Photo: Michele Mateus

How Sue Spencer discovered power lifting – and her true self. more

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Hard Road Back to Sport

Photo: Michele Mateus

Debilitating arthritic disease couldn’t stop Deborah Campbell from resurrecting her athletic life. more

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Bif’s Naked Truth

Photo: Karolina Turek

How diet and exercise helped rock star Bif Naked beat up on cancer. more

Athletes with IMPACT

Joey was born with Sotos Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder known as cerebral gigantism. Now he runs marathons. more

Athletes with IMPACT

The North Saskatchewan River

Photo: Edmonton Tourism

If you still think of Edmonton as the little city with the big mall, it’s time for a serious rethink. more