Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Photo: Graham McKerrell

Lower body resistance training to power your outdoor activities. Read more


What you need to know to be comfortable and safe. Read more

, First IMPACT

A new study has found that lifestyle practices of fathers prior to conception may have a major impact on the lifelong health of their children. Read more


If you want to boost your brain power, try exercising. Read more


Alberta Blue Cross

Photo: Alberta Blue Cross

Building balance into the lives of Albertans with a new preventative wellness program. Read more

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6 Ways to kick-start your day for success. Read more

Health & Wellness

Tips from a national competitor & coach. Read more

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Gliding Into Fitness

Photo: Denise Militzer

Slippery disk exercises help recruit small muscles and engage your core. Read more

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Photo: Logan Johnson

Expanding the definition of “healthy”. Read more


Let's Work Together

Photo: Neil Zeller

Building glutes & core muscles set up your foundation for life. Read more


You Can Find Me At The Club

Photo: Heather Parkinson

Discover your tribe and get fit with group exercise. Read more

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Tone Your Abs, Save Your Back

Photo: Robin Kuniski

3 exercises to help build your 6-pack. Read more

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Bodyweight Exercise and Beyond

Photo: Katy Whitt

Functional workout progressions you can do at home. Read more


Exercise may give you a bigger boost than you realize. Read more

Sports Medicine

The Next Milestone

Photo: Neil Zeller, Scotiabank Calgary Marathon

60-year-old targets 60 days of 6-minute miles. Read more


Tabata Blast Off

Photo: Jeff Chan

Short bursts of intense exercise can burn calories like crazy. Read more


Winter's Coolest Fitness Trends

Photo: Panorama Mountain Resort and SilverStar Mountain Resort

10 ways to celebrate Canada’s signature season. Read more

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Stay Dry in the Gym

Illustration: Russ Tudor

Taking control of your pelvic health can keep you dry in the gym. Read more

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Reach Higher With Pilates

Photo: Natalie Sorichetti/Merrithew Corp.

Floor exercises that complement every fitness program. Read more

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