Day Hiking

2018 Hiking Shoe Review

Photo: Jenia Kos

10 shoes that make for happy hiking. more


Stawamus Chief

Photo: Leigh McAdam

These five stunning hikes show off the best of the Vancouver area and its nearby mountains. Two hikes are accessible via public transit and the other three are at most a two-hour drive away. more


Lake Agnes Tea House

Photo: Leigh McAdam

If you live in or near Calgary you’re lucky to have a variety of first class mountain hikes to choose from within a few hours’ drive of the city. There are some cool hikes within city limits, too. more


Rouge National Urban Park

Photo: Leigh McAdam

Residents in and around the GTA can get their nature fix on beautiful trails in dozens of wondrous parks and wilderness areas. Here are five trails on IMPACT’s list of favourite hikes. more


Packed for Adventure

Photo: Neil Zeller

Essentials for your best day hike. more